Monday, June 1, 2015

Gracie's Nursery Reveal

Words can't even describe how ecstatic I am over Grace's nursery!  It took longer than we anticipated, but it's finally done and it was so worth it!!!  The two big things are the new carpet, a very generous gift from my daddy {he didn't want his granddaughter crawling around on 1970s yellowed and stained carpet!}, and the custom hand-painted mural on the wall, a gift from my dad's girlfriend.  Sean and I are over the moon with how beautiful everything turned out.  It's peaceful, unique, beautiful, and so perfect for our little Gracie.  Enjoy the pictures!!!  Details and links for items are at the end of this post.

Here is a before and after of the nursery:
The top pictures are before (minus the crib...Sean built that early when the room was still a bedroom) with the red accent wall and old yellowed carpet.  The bottom pictures are after with the new carpet, the mural, and of course all the new furniture and decorations :)

Wall Art (custom set of three flowers):  Bed Buggs on Etsy

Wall Art (flower above bookshelf):  gift from my dad's gf

Wall Art (ice cream and cake prints):  Andy Warhol

Wall Art ("Darling" above door frame):  gift from my dad's gf

Crib:  Baby Cache Kensington in Natural

Crib Bedding:  Carousel Designs

Quilt:  Handmade by Sean's grandma, Gracie's great-grandma

Bookshelf:  Pottery Barn Kids Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase

Rocker:  Pottery Barn Comfort Swivel Rocker and Ottoman in Performance Tweed, Gray

Pink pillows on rocker:  gift from my dad's gf

Dresser:  Ethan Allan {from 20 years ago...this was from my old bedroom set}

Mural above crib:  Custom hand-painted

Stuffed Animals:  Mermaid {Bla Bla Knit Doll}, pink bunny {Pottery Barn Kids}, Moose {random store in Montana}, pink knit bear {hand knit gift from one of my mom's friends}, little pink piggy {gift from my dad's gf}, rocking horse {gift from family friend}, yellow ducky and Olaf {gifts from my hubby}

Figurines:  Some belonged to my Grammie and some were mine growing up

Pink striped hampers:  handmade in Senegal

Pink rhinestone piggy bank:  handmade by my cousin

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  1. Well, looking at Grace's nursery, I'm not surprised you're out of words to describe how thrilled you are with its outcome! I love the short quote painted overhead her crib. It makes the whole nursery look more homely. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

    1. Thank you very much!! :) And thanks for reading!!