Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Babymoon Weekend!

Last weekend Sean and I escaped to Palm Springs for a romantic weekend getaway, also known as our Babymoon!!  
Driving to Palm Springs
I am still on a serious love high from it.  We had so much fun together {as we always do}.  The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and the pina coladas {virgin for me} were flowing.
Lunch at Circa 59
We stayed at the Riviera Resort, which was wonderful!  It was a combination of modern and retro, with very modern crystal chandeliers and a rhinestone pool table, and very 1960's wallpaper and such.  It was a cool combination.
Our room :)
View from our room

We lounged by the pool a lot!  The pool looked like a beautiful desert oasis, which was fitting since we were in the desert.  We sat and had cocktails and mocktails, talked and laughed, and frolicked around together in the pool.
Day 1 at the pool with my love
Me and Grace lounging by the pool on day 1

Me and Grace (31 weeks pregnant!)
Day 2 with my stud
I love this man so much <3
We enjoyed couple massages at the beautiful spa together {I had an out-of-this-world prenatal and Sean had a Balinese something-rather}.  I’ve been getting prenatal massages throughout my pregnancy, which are traditionally in a side-lying position, but this one was different!  They had the pregnancy bed where there was a hole for your belly, so I was able to lay on my stomach for the first time in 8 months!  That alone was heavenly!  Then of course the massage began and I was over the moon. 
Couples massages at the Spa!
Part of the common area of the spa, complete with a private pool
We also enjoyed some delicious dinners!  The first night we ate at a local Italian/American fusion restaurant called Cello’s, which was delicious.  The second night we dined al fresca at the beautiful Copely’s at the base of the mountains under the stars.  The food was stellar and the ambiance was perfectly romantic.
Night 1 at Cello's Restaurant
Night 2 at Copely's Restaurant
After dinner drinks at the bar
Aren't we sexy? ;)
I love my husband more than anything.  He is such a wonderful, loving, kind, generous, funny, handsome, smart, talented {and the list goes on!!} man, and I am so lucky to share my life with him.  I’m so happy we had this time to ourselves to relax and enjoy one another.  He is going to be the best dad in the world to our little girl, and we are so excited for this next chapter in our lives to begin.

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