Saturday, April 4, 2015

28 Week Bumpdate!

How far along:  28 weeks!

Baby is the size of a(n):  papaya!

Total weight gain/loss:  + 13.6 lbs

Maternity clothes:  I just bought a couple new items that I absolutely adore!!  I bought a bright pink pencil skirt that is super cute for work, an emerald green sleeveless sundress, and a bright yellow blouse.  They are all so fun and are perfect for spring and summer!

Sleep:  I fall asleep very well, but the past few nights I have woken up at 3am like clockwork, either because of heartburn or because I have to pee.

Best moment this week:  3D/4D ultrasound!!!

Baby Movement:  Oh my goodness!  If her movement inside my tummy is any indication of her activity level once she is born, we are in trouble!  She is so active all the time.  The other night, Sean and I were watching the Walking Dead finale, and we actually had to pause it (you know it’s important if we pause the WD, let alone the finale!) because Grace was kicking my tummy so hard that my belly was popping out almost an inch!!  In addition to seeing her kick hard, we could see her wiggle under my skin…it looked like she was doing the worm!  It was incredible!!  She actually kept me awake that night until about 1am, haha.

Cravings:  Lots and lots of water.

Missing anything:  Sleeping on my back.

Pregnancy symptoms:  Heartburn!

Showing yet:  It looks like I swallowed a watermelon.  I am all belly, and she sits very forward!

Labor signs:  No.

Belly button in or out:  Outtie!

Wedding rings on or off:  On!

Looking forward to:  Celebrating my husband’s birthday tonight!!!

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