Friday, January 16, 2015

17 Week Bumpdate!

17 week bumpdate picture taken in Central Park, NYC!
Central Park, NYC
How far along:  17 weeks!

Baby is the size of a(n):  naval orange!

Total weight gain/loss:  +2.0 lbs

Maternity clothes:  Nothing new :)

Sleep:  Sleeping is starting to starting to become slightly uncomfortable.  I have been sleeping on my left side, which is most comfortable, but half way through the night my neck starts to ache and I have to turn over to the other side.  Turning over has become more challenging, and once I’m turned over, I’m not as comfortable.  And it’s only going to get better {sarcasm} haha!

Best moment this week:  I had an ultrasound this week just to check everything before flying, and she is doing so well!  She is definitely like her mommy and is not camera shy at all!!  She was actually FACING the ultrasound wand…yes, we got a face forward frontal view instead of the traditional profile view, and she was waving her sweet little hand the entire time like she knew mommy was watching!  I have to say, babies look so strange from a frontal view on a regular 2D ultrasound.  I could see the skeletal structure of her eye sockets and nose, and her eye sockets looked like wide eyes staring (of course her eyes are closed and covered by eyelids, but that’s what it looked like).  She stayed facing us until my doctor moved the wand, and it was precious.  She just wanted to say hi :)

Baby Movement:  I felt flutters earlier in the week, but I have no idea if it was the baby or gas.  I did read that most first time moms feel their baby as early as 15 weeks but they attribute it to gas because they can’t recognize the feeling of baby yet.  I’m going to say it was her, but who knows.  I should start to feel her without a doubt in the next couple weeks though.

Cravings:  Peanut M&Ms, and NY pizza since we’re going to NY!

Missing anything:  Sleeping on my tummy.

Pregnancy symptoms:  Those darn round ligament pains, although they are becoming less frequent now.  Also it’s getting a little more difficult for me to bend over.  Hubby and I were at a hockey game the other day and while we were sitting in our seats I bent over to reach into my purse and I struggled.  I teased him that soon he is going to have to start putting my shoes on my feet, and we laughed {but seriously, I’m sure I will need help down the road}.

Showing yet:  Oh yea!

Labor signs:  Nope.  Too early.

Belly button in or out:  Still an innie!

Wedding rings on or off:  On!

Looking forward to:  NYC, my second home!!  I lived there for four glorious years with eight fabulous girls in a townhouse, and I go back at least once {sometimes more} a year to visit them and my godparents who live in the city.  We are spending this weekend here (hence the picture above taken today) so my next week's 18 week bumpdate will include some NYC tidbits :)

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