Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let the Nesting Begin!

Happy Wednesday!!

Last weekend hubby and I started working on the nursery!  The room had off-white walls with a deep raspberry accent wall.  It was great for the guest bedroom, but no so great for our sweet Grace's nursery.  For her nursery we are doing light pink, light gray and white.  Needless to say, the red wall had to go.

Sean and I decided it would be fun {and cheaper} to do it ourselves, so we took a trip to Lowe's to acquire the necessary tools.  After speaking with the paint specialist for a while, we picked up two rollers, a brush for the edges, tape to tape the molding and floor board, the aluminum tin to put the paint in, and a very high-end high-hide primer that would make the red disappear.

Before we could start priming, we had to take apart the guest bed.  I originally thought we could have the guest bed, the crib, and all the other furniture in the room, but we decided it would be better to store it for now, so that the nursery is more open and there is ample room to play {especially as Gracie gets older}.  Once the bed was gone, Sean moved the crib to the center of the room and covered it with plastic sheeting {we already had plastic sheeting from a Halloween party a couple of years ago where we turned our sunroom into Dexter's kill room}.  Then we taped all the edges of the wall, and we were ready to prime!  We had to much fun priming together!
We finished one coat in less than an hour, and it looked great.  The wall looked mostly white, but we decided a second coat would be perfect just to make sure no red would peak through.  After the first coat dried, we zipped through the second coat.  Just with the white primer, the room looks so open and airy now!  I didn't realize how closed off the room was with the red.

Here are the before and after pictures:
Before (with Juno, our Great Dane)
After the primer (sorry the lighting isn't very good)
We are so happy with the way it turned out.  Now we just have to finalize our paint color for the accent wall and paint!  Then it's time to DECORATE!!!  Woohoo!!!

On a totally unrelated note, before we worked on the nursery I got my daily 3-5 mile walk in.  I am grateful that I am able to continue working out during my pregnancy {albeit much less intense}.  I know it will help with my labor when the time comes.  I've also started adding squats and lunges to my routine, which are definitely getting more challenging as my belly grows and my center of gravity changes.  Here's a picture of me and my 18 week belly after my workout:
Love my growing belly, and love my R2D2 yoga pants!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!!


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