About Me

Hi!  My name is Maggie.  I’m a 20-something living in SoCal with my incredible husband, our beautiful daughter, our kitty Tantalum, and our two puppies Rugby and Juno.

I grew up in SoCal and moved to NYC for college where I spent some of the best years of my life and made some of the most incredible friends a girl could ask for.  After college I moved home, and I still go back to New York a few times a year to visit.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in both Finance and Economics, and then earned my Masters in Business Administration {MBA}.  After undergrad I began my career as an analyst at an incredible company, called Molina Healthcare, that provides healthcare to low-income individuals and those who need care the most.  I have been here for more than six years and I still love it!  I am now Program Manager for all our member improvement initiatives enterprise wide.

In my spare time, I love photography and taking pictures of EVERYTHING {just ask anyone who knows me, I’m constantly snapping away…for me, pictures are memories frozen in time}, I love to travel, I love working out whether it’s running, yoga, walking or hiking, and I enjoy good food, good wine, and yummy cocktails.  Basically, I’m an easy-going girl who loves spending time with the people I love {family & friends} doing fun things!

I lost my Mom in March 2012 after a short battle with a rare blood and bone marrow disease called MDS.  That completely changed my perspective on life.  You never know what can happen or when it will happen.  So live every day to fullest.  If there is something you want to do, DO IT.  If there is somewhere you want to go, then GO.  Life is a gift, and it’s something to enjoy, so that’s what I’m doing.  Imagine all the beautiful things life has to offer and discover them.


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