Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back @ it + Vegas here I come!!

I’m back to my mornings runs!
For some reason the past week I had the most difficult time waking up to the point where I didn’t even hear my alarm go off at 5am.  Today, everything fell back into place.  I woke up to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” on my phone at 5:00 in the morning and was so excited that I actually woke up!  I’m back!
I laced up my new Adidas Supernovas that I bought last week (I’m so happy to be back in Adidas…I LOVE them…they are like running on clouds!), put on my running shorts and a long sleeve and headed out the door. It rained last night so the air was fresh and crisp.  I could still smell the night jasmine which is one of my favorite scents, as well as the smell of the wet pavement (which I like and even find slightly comforting!)
I only ran 2.5 miles, but I felt great!
I’m taking tomorrow off work and going to Vegas!!!!  I can’t wait!!!



  1. Good for you! Have a great trip!

  2. Hi. I've been reading your blog a long time. Your posts are eerily similar to Do you acknowledge her when you write, because she's a fantastic writer, and it's obvious you like her too.

    Not trying to be mean at all. However, it is odd how your posts mirror hers. I think I've counted about 6 in the last few months At least.

    Good luck in your running!

  3. It would be great if you had your own story lines. I really don't like reading the same thing twice and thats what I feel going from to your blog. If your going to post things. At least post original thoughts. Also if you want to comment on the pros/cons of a product. Please say what the product is rather than generalizing a whole brand. I am sure those Adidas shoes feel like your running on "clouds" because you opted to pay 150 bucks for them. I am glad you like your shoes, but people that are not walking such as yourself may need different equipment. When you decide to stop walking and actually start running you can comment on quality of a product.

  4. For the last two commenters, I write what I feel and experience. Thanks for your input though! This is an online journal, so if my shoes that I RUN in feel like clouds, then I'll write that. Thanks.

    I could care less what you think, but thanks anyways!

    Oh, and by the way, very classy to stay anonymous...classy and spineless :)
    Take care!

  5. Dear Billy Goat,
    Just so you know, some people actually enjoy reading the blog of a real person with a real life who is trying to become a runner. It is inspiring and honest, and I appreciate reading about all of her struggles in learning what running style works for her. There are plenty of marathoners who run gallaway style (5 minutes running, 1 minute walking, in case you are too ignorant about running to know what that is), and it takes a lot of work to truly find your fit in the running world. Just because a person walks some of the time does not mean that they do not deserve to share their opinions about running an running products. Again, I enjoy reading this blog because it mirrors my own life in many ways, and I think that it mirrors the life of many women trying to find the time to become a runner, so it's no wonder that it may mirror another woman's running blog. However, as this is an open blog, and no one is forcing you to read it, I suggest that you stop reading it if you don't enjoy it, rather than bashing on someone who is obviously just trying to express herself and inspire others to run happy.
    Hoping not to hear from you again on this blog,

  6. Lisa,

    I would like to apologize for my not so nice response. I was in a bad mood after having my achilles flair up in my new shoes which happened to be Adidas. I bought the good looking pair at Champs which I thought would work. I do enjoy reading your blog and hope you success in the future. I would again like to sincerely apologize for my comments which were cruel and unjust.


    Riley Kosobucki