Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Surf City here I come...ready or not!!!!

These past two weeks have definitely been a challenge for me.  First week of my terrible twos was Long Beach's dreadful storm.  As you can see from my previous post, we had torrential downpours, lightning, thunder, waterspouts, and tornados.  Definitely detrimental weather for outdoor training.  Thus my training was kept to a very minimum, and I only got in two of my workouts that week.

Last week I was in NYC, my second home, for business.  I went to college in New York and there lived the entire four years...NY has a significant piece of my heart.  So it's super amazing to travel there for business because on top of work I get to see all my friends and roomies in NY!  So last week was SUPER busy with our Investor Day, so from the time I arrived after flying on the red eye Monday night-Tuesday morning, it was straight to work.  I had a two hour window and went to the gym at my hotel, then back to work.  I went out with a friend that night, then Wednesday morning was back at it at 7am (4am my time since I had not adjusted yet!) and was nonstop until 6pm.  Then I went out for drinks with my execs, followed by dinner with some amazing friends <3  Of course Thursday morning I had to wake up with the worst head cold.  I seriously could not breathe out of my nose, I was coughing, had a headache...the entire works.  Not pretty.  Luckily I was flying home Friday, but I had dinner plans with some more friends Thursday night.  I finally made it out of bed to get to Duane Reade (NY CVS basically) to get some Dayquil, Nyquil, and sudafed for my early morning flight so my eardrums wouldn't burst with the altitude.  Needless to say, I did not get my workout in.

I barely made my flight the next morning and after a horrible 6 AND A HALF HOUR (yes, 6.5 hour)  flight, I made it back to Long Beach.  We were going against strong headwinds, hence the super long time.  Usually it's like 5-5.5 hours.  Anyways, I was in bed all weekend long.  I felt okay to go to work on Monday but not well enough to run.  At this point, Surf City was less than a week away.  CRAP!!!  After a great nights rest, I woke up Tuesday feeling great!  I didn't have enough time to workout in the morning before work, so I planned to change at work and head straight for the gym, no turning back.

I got to the gym last night and had an AMAZING workout.  I was only planning on running 2 miles because it had been a while, but I ended running 4!!  And this is my favorite part...not only did I run 4 miles, but I ran them *absolutely effortlessly*!!!  First time ever!  I felt so good.  I was on an incline of 1.5 since I was on the tready, and I was testing out my mix for Surf City Half on Sunday totally rocking out, and I finally looked at my mileage and realized I was 2mi over what I planned on running!  WIN!!!  So I cooled down, then proceeded to my strength training and core.

I felt so good!  It was definitely the workout that gave me the sense of fortitude and accomplishment that I needed when I was feeling so not ready because of the past two weeks.  It was the little boost of confidence I needed to amp me up to finish Surf City.  Mind you I say "FINISH".  I am not setting a goal time for myself.  No.  This is my first half and my only goal is to finish it.  That's all, and I am okay with that.

Surf City = 4 days away.  Am I ready?  Not as ready as I hoped.  But I am more excited than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sometimes rest is a lot more therapeutic than we want to give it credit for. I'll keep an eye peeled Sunday!