Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fashionista Grandma + Hills + Trainer!

Every morning driving to work, I see this little old woman out walking in my neighborhood. She has to be in her 70s at least with snow white hair. I find her completely adorable because not only is she speed walking, but she’s a speed walking fashionista! This morning she was in a beautiful leopard print coat with white pants. Over the holiday weekend I saw her wearing a stunning pink blouse with a gold blazer. One morning I even saw her walking in a fur coat! And to top it off she always wears these flashy gold earrings (I’m not a fan of yellow gold, but these are beautiful). This lady has style, and furthermore rocks it when exercising! It amazes me.
I can guarantee I won’t be wearing leopard coats or gold blazers when working out, but I hope that at her age I can be as active and fun as this lady is!
This morning I had a butt-busting workout with my trainer. I ran hills yesterday (how wonderful was it to have a 3-day weekend?!), so my legs and bum were quite sore today and of course my trainer had me doing a ton of squats and lunges. I also did a lot of arm work today – bench presses, biceps, sit-ups with shoulder presses – and it felt great!

What activities did you do over your 3 day weekend? Or this morning to get back into it after the BBQs and beers over the weekend?
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Grad-Aversary!!!

Three years ago today I graduated from Manhattan College, a small private school in New York. Where has the time gone?! Living in NYC for 4 years was the experience of a lifetime, and I am so grateful to my parents for giving me that opportunity. I had the BEST time living in New York. I grew as an individual, an academic, a friend, and became a confident young woman ready to take on the world.

I was fortunate enough to live with 7 incredible girls all four years of college…yes SEVEN, 8 including myself! These girls became my sisters and helped shape me in to who I am today. We always had so much fun together whether it was making mojitos on our townhouse steps in the spring or staying up until 3am cramming for finals (or being out and about in the city till 3am!) No matter what it was we always had fun!

To my 3219 girls, I love you all so much! I can't wait to see you this fall when I'm out there, and of course in the winter for Sean's and my wedding!!!

<3 Mags

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MBA --> MIA!

I know I have been MIA lately and for that I apologize. Life has become so busy especially because the spring semester of my MBA program is coming to a close, which means I have been chin deep in papers and projects, and of course, studying for finals! This is the last week of classes and next week are finals. I can’t wait until May 19th when my last final is done!! After which I will have 12 days of free evenings before my summer classes commence. (I’ve elected to take classes year round so that I may complete my program in 2 years, since I work full time and take evening classes.) It definitely is a lot to juggle-work, classes, study group meetings, review sessions on weekends, planning a wedding which has been the best!, trying to stay involved with the Board I sit on, and of course trying to fit in “me” time to run and workout).  But I am having fun and all those long days/nights will totally pay off!

Unfortunately running has been put on the back burner.

Lots of this....

Leads to this :(

I’m running once a week (compared to a year ago when I was running 4-5 times a week), but I am working out with a personal trainer twice a week so it kind of makes up for it. I definitely see an increase in my strength and endurance, and I notice that when I do run, I can run further more easily. Hooray for strength training! I will incorporate more running into my routine, but it is challenging when I wake up before 5am, work all day, go from work straight to class and don’t get home until 11pm (sometimes later).  I'll get the hang of it :)

How do you find a balance between all the aspects in your life?