Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fashionista Grandma + Hills + Trainer!

Every morning driving to work, I see this little old woman out walking in my neighborhood. She has to be in her 70s at least with snow white hair. I find her completely adorable because not only is she speed walking, but she’s a speed walking fashionista! This morning she was in a beautiful leopard print coat with white pants. Over the holiday weekend I saw her wearing a stunning pink blouse with a gold blazer. One morning I even saw her walking in a fur coat! And to top it off she always wears these flashy gold earrings (I’m not a fan of yellow gold, but these are beautiful). This lady has style, and furthermore rocks it when exercising! It amazes me.
I can guarantee I won’t be wearing leopard coats or gold blazers when working out, but I hope that at her age I can be as active and fun as this lady is!
This morning I had a butt-busting workout with my trainer. I ran hills yesterday (how wonderful was it to have a 3-day weekend?!), so my legs and bum were quite sore today and of course my trainer had me doing a ton of squats and lunges. I also did a lot of arm work today – bench presses, biceps, sit-ups with shoulder presses – and it felt great!

What activities did you do over your 3 day weekend? Or this morning to get back into it after the BBQs and beers over the weekend?
Happy Monday!


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