Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The First Three Months

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  I can't believe my little monkey is three months old already.  That's right, THREE MONTHS OLD!!  I feel like I just gave birth to her, and yet a part of me feels like she's been in my life since the beginning of time.  From the moment I first held her three months ago, my heart became full.  Below are two of my favorite pictures from the moment she was born: 1) When she was first placed on my chest, and I'm crying tears of joy...I remember so vividly thinking in this moment, "She is mine, this is my daughter, I just birthed her, and I love her more than life itself.  My husband and I created this little miracle, and she is ours.  I can't believe it.  I can't believe she's finally here."  I had never been so full of love than in that moment; and 2) Sean's full of love.  He will tell you exactly what I just did, that in that moment, he felt more love than he ever thought possible.  I fell in love with him all over again seeing him as a daddy and the love he has for our daughter.  He is the best daddy to our Gracie, and I am so thankful to him and blessed that he is my partner in life.

And here we are now, three months later!  SO MUCH has changed, that it would take me pages to write about it all.  So I will do my best and keep it brief and share highlights :)

The 1st Month
The first month was both the hardest and easiest (contradictory, I know).  I say they were the hardest, because we were adjusting to a new schedule that did not include sleep.  I was nursing Gracie every hour or two, and Sean was always helping me, so we literally did not sleep much at all.  I say they were the easiest because all we did was lay on the couch with Gracie either asleep on one of our chests or nursing, and binge watching shows on Netflix (Downton Abbey is a terrific show btw!).  Despite the first month being chaotic and exhausting, it was also the most precious time spent with our little girl.  Sean and I cherish the moments she would just curl into a little ball on our chest, enjoying the skin to skin contact and bonding with her.
Skin to skin the day she was born, June 30, 2015
Skin to skin the day she was born, June 30, 2015
1 Month Old!
1 Month Old, Star Wars style!
Celebrating her first holiday at 4 days old!
Fist pump for her two big cousins AKA her bodyguards

The 2nd Month
The second month was when things started to get exciting!  Gracie was spending more time awake and she was so alert, observing everything around her.  She also started cooing, and making noises.  Around 6 weeks, she also smiled for the first time, and boy did our hearts melt.  All she does now is smile, and damn her smile is beautiful!

And some other pictures in the second month for fun:
One of my favorites!  She looks so coy here ;)

With her cousin, Audrey, who was born 10 days after Gracie.  They are wearing matching mermaid outfits made by my cousin/Audrey's mom, Aysha (she actually makes and sells onesies, so check out her instagram @Audreys__Closet)

Gracie with her twin cousins, Zeke and Auggie  (7 months old), and her cousin Audrey

This girl is all smiles all the time :)

Post-bathtime fun
The 3rd Month
The third month has been wonderful!  She is sleeping through the night anywhere from 5-7 hours, which is fantastic!  She can hold her head up without any support, however is starting to get frustrated with tummy time because she wants to move but can't yet.  She also can stand on her own legs and support her body weight for a short period of time!  We also go to MyGym once a week where we sing songs, dance, swing in swings, move our arms and legs, and practice important development skills.  Additionally, she takes swim lessons twice a week:  once a week she does a private lesson and once a week we do a Mommy and Me swim class with some other parents and babes.  It's so much fun, and she absolutely loves the water!

I love my family :)
Tummy time with Daddy
This girl is so smiley!!!  I can't get enough of her beautiful happy personality.
Swinging in the dolphin swing at My Gym
All smiles at her first swim lesson
Our 1st Mommy and Me swim class
She loves her daddy so much and lights up every time she sees him :)
First NHL game, Ducks vs. Kings!  Go Ducks!!
Some of her adorable outfits this last month
**If you want to see more pictures of Gracie, follow her instagram @babysparklegrace, or me @sparklemags**

During her first three months of life, she has:

  • Celebrated her first holiday (the 4th of July)
  • Traveled to Montana
  • Flown on a plane (and didn't fuss once!)
  • Been on two boats
  • Started MyGym activities
  • Started swimming lessons, including going under water (she loved the water)
  • Been to all our favorite restaurants
  • Mastered tummy time
  • Rolled over tummy to back!
  • Smiled (she smiles all the time!)
  • Giggled
  • Spent so much time with family getting to know and love everyone (which is so important to me and Sean that she does)
  • Gone running with Mommy
  • Visited the chiropractor for regular adjustments
  • Discovered that she can eat her fist
  • Grabbed and held objects
  • Stood up holding her body weight for a short period of time
She loves:
  • Lights
  • The sky
  • The color blue
  • Her kitty cat lovie
  • Her chewbeads rattle
  • Petting our dogs (and the dogs love her!!!)
  • Smiling
  • Playing pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo
  • Singing "The Wheels on the Bus"
  • Swimming
  • Bath time
  • Swinging in her swing
  • Snuggling with mommy and daddy
  • Walks with the dogs
  • Licking cold things (like soda cans or teethers that have been in the freezer)
  • Babywearing (she LOVES our Tulas)

The last three months have been the best three months ever!  I look forward to more adventures with my beautiful family :)

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gracie's Newborn Shoot

I'm very late in posting this, but better late than never right??  We had Gracie's newborn shoot when she was just 6 days old, and I couldn't be more in love with her and these photos.  Thank you to SisterLee Photography for capturing such precious moments.  Gracie is now nearly 3 months old, and has already changed so much {another post to come on that later}.  But in the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite photos from her newborn shoot :)

My favorite picture ever <3