Friday, June 19, 2015

39 Week Bumpdate!

How far along:  39 weeks!!  ~1 to go!

Baby is the size of a(n):  pumpkin or watermelon

Total weight gain/loss:  + 19.4 lbs

Maternity clothes:  Nothing new!

Sleep:  Good actually!  But I usually wake up around 3am to pee.

Best moment this week:   Being on maternity leave!  Haha.  I've been quite the house, purging and reorganizing the pantry/kitchen, finishing the last bit of Grace's laundry, installing a new shower caddy (hubby installed the new shower head), and running a ton of errands.

Baby Movement:  She's moving a lot still, but running out of room to do so!  Her movements are now tight and deliberate, and I can feel all her limbs.  She's ready.

Cravings:  Watermelon is still my go-to!

Missing anything:  What it's like to not have heartburn :-P

Pregnancy symptoms:  Heartburn, constant bathroom breaks, and Braxton Hicks.

Showing yet:  It looks like a swallowed a watermelon or torpedo!  #torpedobelly

Labor signs:  Braxton Hicks, hips widening and pelvic pressure.

Belly button in or out:  Outtie!

Wedding rings on or off:  On!

Looking forward to:  Meeting Grace, hopefully sooner rather than later!!!  We're ready for her!

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