Friday, April 9, 2010

You Know You're a Runner When + Seal Beach 10K

Happy Friday!!

I was surfing the web and reading different running articles when I came across this funny post on It’s pretty cute and I wanted to share it!

You Know You’re a Runner When...

1. You can say “fartlek” and “yassos” without giggling. Wait. That’s almost impossible. If you’ve ever done one of those two workouts, that counts.
2. You can convert kilometers to miles or vice versa. Sometimes, you can even do that while running.
3. You know exactly how many miles there are in a marathon.
4. You have had at least one toe nail become purple or black, and it wasn’t because you were wearing the hottest toenail polish color.
5. Two words: bloody nipples.
6. Two more words: wiener bite.
7. You proudly don your reflective vest and headlamp in order to run in the dark. You refuse to believe that you look dorky. You look like a safe runner.
8. You can discuss bodily fluids and gastrointestinal issues without flinching. Thinking “ewwww” never crosses your mind. Usually, you are thinking “I hope that doesn’t happen to me” or “Ugh. I hate when that happens.”
9. You have a vague idea that one lap around a track is equal to a quarter mile, two laps equals a half mile, etc. (Note: This does not mean that you can do math and run simultaneously, or that you will remember these handy track facts when you start your track workout.)
10. Getting up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning to run for two to three hours doesn’t sound like an outlandish, cruel punishment. Instead, it sounds like the perfect way to start your weekend.

On another note, yesterday I ran 3 miles and felt really good. I could have gone further but it the mosquitoes and gnats started to pollute the air and I didn’t want to have any for dinner! So I ran home did some stretching, and caught up on LOST.

Tomorrow I am running the Seal Beach 10K. It should be interesting because the past two weeks I have been totally slacking in the running department due to a cold followed by the flu. Good times. NOT. Yesterdays run was pretty encouraging, but I have a feeling I will have to incorporate some Jeff Galloway run/walk/run strategies tomorrow, which I’m totally cool with. I also built my workout schedule for April and May to get my base back before I start training for the San Fran half. I’m excited for tomorrow though! I’m running the Seal Beach 10K with my best friend and I know she will keep me going!

Enjoy your weekend and good luck to everyone racing!



  1. GUH!! I'm sorry to hear you got so sick! You'll see over on my blog that I got the stomach flu yesterday. Pretty much the worst ever. So we'll see how it goes. Good luck at the 10K!! I bet you'll do great :)

  2. Have a great race!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it :) ...glad you're feeling better.

  3. Good Luck Lady!!! I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. Good luck on the race. I've hear great things about it. Of course, my highlight would be stopping by the Shore House Cafe for breakfast afterwards.

    One more for your list - you know you're a runner when you get upset that you're a tenth of a mile short of finishing your run! Ha ha!

  5. Thanks for all your encouragement!!!! It really means so much to me!!! :)

  6. I've got a 10k in a few hours, I've only trained for just over two weeks, but the day before yesterday I could run 10k without stopping, how do you think I'll do?

  7. Hey Aidan! I just saw your comment. I hope your race went well this morning as I'm sure it did! Sounds like you were ready! :)

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