Wednesday, April 21, 2010

C9 by Champion from Target Review!

I have always worn Nike sports bras for working out, especially when I played soccer. They always seemed to lend the most support and were very comfortable. When I started running, naturally I wore what I knew to work...Nike. Then I read about a brand called Zensah in one of my issues of Runner’s World. I hopped online to check it out, and the reviews were amazing! Soft, light, seamless…oh I do like seamless for running. So I ordered a couple sports bras and fell in love with them!  They are so comfortable, soft, and supportive.

But I’m not writing about Zensah today. I am writing about a sports bra that I love equally as much as Zensah if not more…the seamless C9 bras by Champion from Target!!!
I originally bought my first one a couple months ago when I was cruising through target and a green item with white polka dots caught my eye! It was the most adorable sports bra and I just had to have it. C’mon, who doesn’t love polka dots?! I sure do :) And $16 for a sports bra why not?!
I wore it the next morning on a run and for the first mile I thought I had forgotten to put a bra on! It was so light! The material is incredibly soft and feels like silk on your skin, very similar to the Zensah bras. One thing I really like is that the front and back have a slight waffle-like pattern which offers breathability. Here is a picture of the front:
And here is a picture of the back:
I also really like that there are no tags and it's seamless. Here is a picture of the inside where the brand/size is printed small and directly onto the fabric in lieu of a tag:
This really helps with the prevention of chafing and makes for a much more pleasant run. There’s nothing worse than chafing when you’re out on a run. I also like that its tight offers a lot of support! Some bras I’ve worn don’t offer enough support and in addition to the chafing, bouncing is not fun either if you know what I mean. Just for reference, my bra size is a 32D and I wear a size small. I like my sports bras tight and supportive and this fits the bill.

One thing that was very important to me in a bra is how it fits in the shoulders. Some bras put a lot of pressure on the shoulders and in the neck area, especially on the trapezius muscle. This one did no such thing! As I said before, I felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra! It was incredibly comfortable. After wearing it a couple times I went back to Target and bought 4 more. Oh and this is a bonus: they come in really fun colors! They have the standard white, black, and grey, but I love colors…bright colors! So I ended up buying the neon yellow, neon orange (construction worker/cone orange!), blue, and magenta, in addition to the cute green and white polka dot bra that I already had.
I still love and wear my Zensah bras, but $16 bucks for a seamless, comfortable and great quality bra (offered in an array of colors!) is a pretty great deal!



  1. Thank you for this review. I've seen these at Target numerous times but was afraid to buy one. Not sure why really, except like you I am also a big Nike fan. Reading you compare these to Zensah is making me want to get in my car now and go and have a closer look at these.

  2. I was in the market for some new sports bras, but didn't really feel like spending a lot of money...these look PERFECT! Thanks for the heads up lady! :)

  3. At one point a couple years ago I could have used one of these. Whew. My need disappeared when the little burger shelf at the top of my stomach disappeared. Thank goodness!

  4. I think you guys will really like them! They're so soft, supportive and perfect on a budget :) Glenn, you're too funny!!

  5. I'm glad you had good luck with the Target bra. I got one a few years back and it just isn't supportive enough for anything more than yoga or maybe road biking. Maybe I should give them another try. I do love the bra for low impact.

    P.S. I think I found your blog through Twitter somehow :)