Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15 Minutes of Solitude + Saturday Activities :)

Today is the first day of Lent.  I am not a religious person, but I do practice Lent by either giving up something or taking on something to better myself. In past years I’ve given up the cliché things like junk food, alcohol, instant messaging (when it was big), and taken on things like working out every day except Sunday.  I started thinking about it over the weekend and I thought I could give up online shopping or cursing, but those don’t seem like too much of a challenge.  I don’t drink soda and I just got off a 4 month vegetarian stint so those are out of the question.  I then thought to give up any means of electronics while running.  No music, no Garmin, nothing. I was talking about it with my boyfriend and he said I should NOT do that because he knows how much music inspires me when I run and he doesn’t think I should do anything to disrupt my fledgling routine of running and all the progress I’ve made in the past few months.  I completely agree.

So on that note of silence and reflection without electronics, instead of taking it out of something such as running, I’ve decided to incorporate it into my everyday routine for the next 40 days.  Every day I will spend at least 15 minutes without my cell phone, iPod, computer, television, radio, and without talking.  It will be my meditation -- a time for thought, prayer, and reflection.  I will delve beyond my thoughts into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness and reflect. In doing this, I hope to achieve greater focus, creativity, and self-awareness, as well as having a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.
I am very excited about this and I know it will improve my running performance as well as my overall being.

In addition to my 15 minutes of daily solitude, my boyfriend and I are going to spend a few hours each Saturday for a fun physical activity such as hiking, kayaking, running, etc.  Here are a couple of fun things we’ve done in the past:
Hiking to the waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii (we even climbed a Banyan tree!)
Snorkeling in Hawaii
Indoor skydiving
Mud Run
Bike rides

We have some pretty fun activities lined up that I’m excited to share with you!



  1. OK, so I'm not saying this as an anti-iPod crusader, BUT ... I used to run with an iPod and I loved the music and it kept me motivated. But now I run without one and I love it because it gives me my quiet time. I'm a religious person and I really love the quiet time I get to pray while I run. I'd suspect it would be similar for you and your meditation.

    You should give it a try ... by the sounds of what you wrote, I think you might really like it.

  2. orrrr.....leave the Ipod turned off for 15 minutes during your of both worlds!

    Good luck!

  3. Awesome lady! Great idea!! I've given up coffee, alcohol, even Facebook for 40 days...this Lent is cliche but VERY needed as I've become far too addicted to sugar over the past year. I have sweet stuff for breakfast, in the dragging afternoon, and after dinner every day which I never used to do. So it's OUT!

    Anyway, back to YOU :) I gotta agree with Sam, when I first started running, I'd use my ipod religiously. Then two things happened: 1. I started running later at night, and being downtown I wanted to be more aware of my surroundings, 2. my ipod totally blows. I've had it for 4 years now and it only keeps a charge for about 15 minutes. I had been getting used to just using my ipod for my long runs before it lost it's charging ability. But now, even long runs I'm forced to do in silence.

    With that said, I completely agree with you about music and inspiration. Whenever you talk about music, I think to myself: she's just like me! Despite the fact that my entire career revolves around being able to see (graphic design), I'd take being blind over going deaf any day of the week ONLY because I think I would die if I couldn't hear music again.

    Aaaaand with THAT said, I have absolutely learned to love running without music. Music definitely help during races, to get all pumped and motivated, but during regular week runs, it's wonderful to just hear what's going on around me and be able to concentrate on my run.

    So in conclusion haha!! I like C's suggestion of trying 15 minute silence during a run or at the beginning. Definitely something to experiment with!

    Overall, I love your idea of taking time out during the day. I don't get enough of that :)

    /end longest comment ever ha!!

  4. Some great ideas here Mags! Anything that results in more quality time with anyone (including yourself) is always worthwhile.

    I've always wanted to try Indoor Skydiving. Is that around here?