Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Meaning Behind the Name

I’ve received a lot of compliments on our darling girl’s name, and also questions on how we chose it.  I thought I’d share the meaning behind the name for those who are wondering.

Grace Patricia

This is a name we have loved for a long time.  We thought it was beautiful, sophisticated, joyful, warm, and endearing.  Grace has many meanings, including that of eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favor, and is derived from the Latin gratia (favor, thanks).  It also means goodness and generosity, with Latin and English ties it to "God's grace" and “God’s favor” respectively; it has an Irish meaning of grace and love; and also ties in Greek mythology to beauty, blossom, and joy.  The name was made popular by 17th-century Puritans, who bestowed it in reference to God's favor and love toward mankind.  It also happens to be the name of my great grandmother, Grace Ann Austen.

This name is very special to us.  We knew that if we were to have a girl, this would be her middle name no matter what.  For those who know me, you already know why this name is so special.  For those who do not know me well, Patricia was my mom’s name.  She passed away in March of 2012 of a rare bone marrow failure disease.  She was one of the most intelligent, confident, beautiful, witty, kind, generous, loving, inspiring, and happy people I have ever known.  Everyone who knew her thought this of her.  Soon after she passed, Sean suggested naming our unborn daughter after this incredible woman I was so blessed to call Mom; I cried tears of joy and of course said yes.
Patricia means nobility, and it’s derivation is from the Latin patrician, which is a nobleman or aristocrat.

We are very proud of the two beautiful names we have chosen to give our daughter.  She is already the light of our lives, and we cannot wait to meet her in a short three months.  We love you Gracie <3


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