Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our 1st Wedding Tasting!

Yesterday Sean and I went to our first wedding tasting!  My parents came with us and we all had a blast!  Our fabulous wedding coordinator also met up with us...I absolutely love her!
It was a very cool set up.  The evening was basically a mock-wedding: cocktail hour followed by dinner.  We began with tray passed hors d’eouvres during cocktail hour.  All were absolutely scrumptious – coconut shrimp, beef wellington in a puff pastry, chicken spring rolls with a peanut sauce, crab cakes, etc.   A couple of them, however, were large and during cocktail hour we want a yummy that is one or two bites.  The ones we decided on are mac-n-cheese lollisticks (mac-n-cheese is Sean’s and my favorite food, well for me ANYTHING with cheese really, but definitely mac), and crab cakes...YUM!!


After the “cocktail hour” we were escorted into their “reception room” where the food was served buffet style in silver chafing dishes.  Here are some of the delicious courses we tasted:
- Wild cherry salad with macadamia nuts
- Mediterranean chicken with mushrooms and artichoke hearts
- Zucchini lime chicken with a lime zest beurre blanc sauce
- Vegetarian rotolo (almost like a veggie pie in a pastry-like pasta...quite delish!)
- Filet mignon with three sauces

Sean and I decided to split the courses so we could maximize space on our plate!  For example, he chose two chicken dishes and I chose the other two and we shared.

After a decadent and downright scrumptious dinner tasting, they brought out the cake samples!  There were eight to taste and we did the same sharing thing we did during dinner…Sean had four and I had four and we shared.  They were DIVINE!  We definitely gravitated towards some more than others (i.e. white cake with peanut butter filling…peanut butter is another thing we both absolutely LOVE and can’t get enough of).  We will have a multi-tier cake and have for the most part decided on the cake and filling for each tier!  We’re both super excited!!!
We had so much fun at the tasting and choosing the courses we want and don’t want served at our wedding.  It made us even more excited to get married (if that’s even possible!)!!!

Lots of love :)


  1. I remember those times.. sadly, Jenny & I didn't get to enjoy any of our delicious choices during our actual wedding or reception, due to all the crazy wedding obligations and greetings, etc .. When the evening was over, we were starving, and ended up going to Carl's Jr for burgers!

  2. That sounds like so much fun, girl!

  3. Oooohhhh how fun!!! This is so exciting :) I wish Weez and i could go back home for the wedding tasting, but it's all the way in OH and we live in CO. Oh well! I'll just live vicariously through your awesome tasting experiences!