Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saturday's 5K + 1st Wedding Tasting!!!

This Saturday I’m running the Seal Beach 5K with two of my best friends.  Last year Lisa and I ran the 10K, but this year we decided to go with the 5K since neither of us have been running as much as we were this time last year.  For me, this race is not about “racing” but about going out and having a fun run with two people I love!  I’m not looking to PR (I need to work back up to my current PR of 30:04 at LB Turkey Trot 2010), but it should provide a good sense of where I’m at now and how hard I need to work to achieve a PR.  It’s just going to be FUN!!!!

On a wedding-related note, Sean and I are meeting with our caterer tonight for a preliminary tasting!  Of course closer to our BIG DAY we’ll do another tasting to narrow down and choose our entrée options.  Oo the fun yum stuff (food and wine!)!  I know it’s going to be a blast!  Delicious food with the best company!  <3

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Have fun at the race. Going into a race with that fun attitude will guarantee a good time.