Monday, March 21, 2011

Sibling Run + Congrats to LA Marathoners!

This weekend was incredible windy (winds up to 70mph!) and very rainy. Sunday morning, my bro and I decided to get a run in when the rain ceased for a bit. When we started it was wet outside but had stopped raining, and incredibly windy. There were many times along our run where gusts of wind almost stopped us in our tracks, literally. It was cold and took me a good mile to warm up and then I felt great. Then around mile 1.5 a torrential downpour hit us, and coupled with the wind it was coming at us full force, horizontally, and it was COLD! But we pushed through!

My bro paced me and pushed me to stay around a 10-11 min mile (my comfy zone is 11-12, probably slower now since I haven’t run more than 2 miles in a LONG time). We ended up running just over 4 miles in the rain and mostly against the wind, and sprinting the last bit of it. It was great running with my bro because he pushed me just enough to be a out of my comfort zone and not too much to the point of pain and injury. After our run we stretched and made a big batch of scrambled eggs. That totally hit the spot. I can’t wait until my bro is home from law school so we can run together more!

On another note, I want to congratulate EVERYONE who ran the LA Marathon this weekend! You guys had tough conditions and you persevered! Definitely respectable and totally admirable. And congrats to my friends Kristy and Jay for completing and their FIRST FULL MARATHONS!! Way to go guys!

How were your weekend runs?

<3 Mags


  1. Isn't fun to have family to run with. I'm lucky like that too :)

    BTW, please come follow my new blog and delete the old one. There are problems with's the new link :)

  2. Thanks you Maggie!! I can't wait till you do your first full marathon!! =)

  3. NICE! Its so fun to run with family... I love running with my brother, too, he really helps push me :) My weekend run went great - thanks for asking, girl! 18 miler, phew, but it felt solid and I'm getting really excited for Boston now. I'm excited for when you run your first full marathon!

  4. I'm so glad you were able to get in such a good run with your brother.

    Take care of yourself. ::hugs::

  5. Thanks! It was.. an experience. I knew I was going to do the LB Half.. but like you, I find myself thinking that maybe I can do the full. My original plan was to not do another full until next year 2012 LA Marathon. We'll see.. Hopefully, I'll see you at Seal Beach.. look for me in the back. I'll be the big round pumpkin in the orange LAM shirt! Whooo hooo!!