Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Wedding :)

I still can't we've been married nearly two weeks now!  I LOVE MARRIED LIFE!  I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!  Pictures are trickling in, and we get all giggly every time see them.  Everything about our wedding was beautiful and everyone had the best time!  It was the perfect day for me and my hubby and we are so blessed :)

Things I will never forget about our wedding:

1.  Staying at a beautiful beach resort and going to dinner the night before my wedding with my family.
2.  Waking up on my wedding day to the sun rising over the water.
3.  Enjoying a moment of solitude, sipping coffee, and feeling the warmth of the sun.
4.  A hummingbird (something that my Grammie loved) flying up to my face and hovering there.  I know it was Grammie wishing me nothing but the best :)  I felt her immensely that day.
5.  Getting ready with my bridesmaids, sister-in-laws, and parents in my parents’ suite while listening to music and getting dolled up by our fabulous hair and makeup artists.
6.  Putting on my wedding gown.
7.  The looks on my bridesmaids faces when they saw me.
8.  How beautiful my bridesmaids looked.
9.  How gorgeous my mom looked.
10.  How handsome my daddy looked in his tux.
11.  Riding in a white hummer limo with my parents and my girls to the venue.
12.  Seeing our handsome ring-bearer, my 2 ½ yo cousin with blonde curly hair.  He looked so cute in his tux and black Vans shoes!
13.  Standing with my dad arm in arm before walking down the aisle, and him whispering to me how much he loves me and how proud of me he is, and how he couldn’t imagine a more perfect man for me to marry.
14.  Seeing my groom for the first time standing under our beautiful ceremony arch with green rolling hills as the backdrop…he looked so handsome and unbelievably happy.  He was all I could see :)
15.  My dad giving me away to this wonderful man and so eloquently saying, “She gives herself freely with her mother’s and father’s blessing.”
16.  Sean taking my hand and whispering “I love you.  You look so beautiful.”
17.  My two sister-in-laws and Sean’s godson each reading a poem on love.  One of the poems was read at my parents’ wedding 32 years ago.
18.  Sean and I saying our vows.
19.  Our unity Sand Ceremony.  It was perfectly us.
20.  Our first kiss as husband and wife.  The world stopped.
21.  Taking our photos as the sun set behind the hills and how beautiful everything looked.
22.  Being introduced as “Mr. and Mrs. Sean O’Neil” at the reception’s Grand Entrance and Sean dipping and kissing me!  Everyone cheering!!!
23.  Our first dance.  Everyone around us blurred and it was just me and my husband.
24.  My dad’s speech.  It was incredible…I laughed, I cried.
25.  Best Man speech from Sean’s brother.  Memorable.
26.  Maid of Honor speech from my best friend Lisa.  Like a fairy tale.
27.  The father/daughter dance.  Dad and I took lessons and we rocked!!  “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon.  Beautiful song.
28.  Trying to say hello and thank you to everyone!  It was such a whirlwind!
29.  Dancing and laughing with family and friends all night.  We tore up the dance floor!  My 12 yo nephew was even doing flips!
30.  Our photobooth.  Such a hit!!
31.  Cramming into the photobooth with my NYC girls.  Pure awesomeness.
32.  Dancing the night away in my wedding gown and pink sparkle TOMs shoes! 
33.  Fun shoes!  I changed into pink sparkle TOMs shoes, I gave my bridesmaids black sparkle TOMs and sisters silver sparkle TOMs.  Sean made himself and his groomsmen custom Vans shoes.  We are cool!
34.  Our sparkler Grand Exit!
35.  Being whisked away in a limo to an incredible beach front suite at the resort, and enjoying the moment alone with my husband while we talked about each moment of our wedding day.

It was more than a dream come true.  Thank you to everyone who was there to celebrate with us.  Thank you to my parents-in-law for welcoming me into your family with open arms nearly five years ago.  Thank you mom and dad for giving Sean and I our dream wedding, for all you’ve done for me and my husband.  I love you.

It was a fairytale :)


  1. I love that your grandmother was there in spirit with the hummingbird. Beautiful.

  2. Love love love. This is a great post you'll love looking back on after the months tick by :) So happy for you and Sean! Congrats and lots of love!

  3. How nice! You paint a very pretty picture from the stuff you've listed down. Yeah, getting married is an amazing, magical experience. Planning for the event and seeing it happen for real is a very lovely experience for the bride and groom. Congrats to ya!