Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My 100th Post!

This is my 100th blog post!  I spent the last few days thinking about what I wanted to write about.  I thought about a recap of my running journey the past year, but I did that on my blog's 1st birthday.  Then I thought of listing 100 things about me, but thought that could get pretty tedious (both to read and to write).  I just so happened to stumble upon another blog, RunnersRambles, and I really liked what she did for her 100th post.  It was essentially the 100 things I had brainstormed, but broken down into 10 sections with 10 bullet points in each...Much more fun and interesting!  So, thank you Aron @ RunnersRambles for giving me a little inspiration J

So here are 100 things for my 100th post (in no particular order)!

10 things about me:

1. I love peanut butter
2. I’m a complete foodie and the the food network is constantly on in my house
3. I love baking cupcakes, especially my red velvet cupcakes
4. Photography is a hobby I’m passionate about
5. I love shoes – I have over 500+ pairs of shoes (and do I wear them all? Probably not)
6. Anything pink and/or sparkly makes me happy
7. Disneyland is one of my favorite places to hang out
8. I played soccer for 13 years – midfield was my position
9. I double majored in Finance and Economics
10. I lived in NYC for 4 years

10 running essentials:
1. Garmin
2. iFitness belt
3. Sharkies (thank you Surf City for introducing me to these)
4. Body glide
5. Iphone/camera
6. Ipod (although I am using it less and less and for no reason in particular)
7. Road ID (I always carry my regular ID in my belt too)
8. Bandaids (just in case, mainly for longer runs)
9. Injinji toe socks (no more toe blisters!)
10. Zensah and target sports bras

10 of my favorite places I’ve traveled to:
1. Paris, France
2. Provence, France (I was on the top of Mont Ventoux (the largest mountain in the region which has gained notariety from the Tour de France) on my 17th birthday)
3. Rome, Italy
4. Lake Como, Italy
5. Marbella, Spain (I spent my 15th birthday there!)
6. Whitefish, Montana
7. Hawaii (Maui and Kauii are my favorite islands)
8. Jamaica
9. New York, New York
10. Vegas

10 Running “firsts”:
1. Mud Run – San Diego Mud Run (November 2009)
2. 5K – the Long Beach Turkey Trot (November 2009)
3. Runnning in a costume – Make Room for Santa 5K in Irvine, where I wore a Santa costume (December 2009)
4. 10K – San Diego Resolution Run (January 2010)
5. My first lost toenail (post San Diego 10K)
6. ½ marathon – Surf City (February 2010)
7. First injury and physical therapy for it – ITB syndrome (summer 2010 just before San Francisco Half Marathon)
8. Running with a water bottle – hearing the swishing of the water made me have to pee the whole 9 miles (June 2010)
9. Ice bath – post long run (June 2010)
10. Seeing my brother and best friend cross the finish line of their first long distance race, the San Francisco Half Marathon – that was a very proud moment for me (July 2010)

10 things I’m thankful for and proud of:
1. My wonderful family
2. My loving boyfriend
3. Having a college degree
4. The opportunity to go to Grad School (I graduate 2012!!)
5. My health
6. The ability to run
7. My job, especially now when unemployment is so high
8. My incredible friends
9. Having raised $10K for breast cancer in my life so far (I plan on raising so much more as my life goes on!)
10. Finishing my first long distance race, Surf City Half Marathon

10 songs on my iPod:
1. “Only Girl” by Rihanna
2. “Like a G6” by Far East Movement
3. “Power” by Kanye
4. “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz
5. “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya
6. “Just the Way You Are” by Bruna Mars
7. “Runaway” by Kanye
8. “Criminal Intent” by Robyn
9. “Hey Baby” by Pitbull
10. “Toot it and Boot it” by YG

10 reasons I run:
1. The natural high I get after an awesome run
2. To challenge myself
3. To stay healthy and in shape
4. So I can eat (I love food)
5. I love races
6. The feeling excitement, accomplishment, pain, and relief of crossing the finish line of a race
7. Not going to lie, I love the medals from races :)
8. Being outdoors and seeing new places (or old places from a new perspective)
9. It’s my personal time to think, run off stress, be at peace in the environment around me
10. It’s fun! Fun to get outside, fun to go shopping for new running clothes/gear, fun to travel, fun to blog about it, fun to sweat it out…its just fun!

10 bloggers who inspire me:
1. The Running Fat Guy
2. Must Run!
3. The Journey of a Running Green Girl
4. CAUTION: Red Head Running
5. Operation Jack
6. Running with Daniel
7. Just Another Day in {our midwest} Paradise
8. Barbie Runs!!
9. Punk Rock Tri Guy
10. Asthma and the Gift of Running

10 things I love to do:
1. Run
2. Photography
3. Shop
4. Wine taste
5. Eat
6. Cook
7. Travel
8. Enjoy a quiet evening at home
9. Go to the movies
10. Hang out with my family and boyfriend

10 words to describe my personality (I asked two people to describe my personality and this is what they came up with):
1. Bubbly (x2 – both people said this!)
2. Engaging
3. Funny/Fun
4. Contagious
5. Kind
6. Encouraging
7. Idealist
8. Enigmatic
9. Ambitious
10. Stubborn (I’m adding this one myself :-P)

Here's to 100 more happy posts!


  1. Happy Centennial!!! :) Great list and SO friggin' awesome you've raised $10K for Breast Cancer. I was excited to have my first visit be a get to know you post! Keep on running girl!!!

    P.S. I'm totally downloading a few of these songs to my ipod :)

  2. Aw, happy 100th post! I had so much fun reading it and then when I got to the bottom and saw my name, I was so flattered. Thank you so much, girl! ::hugs::

    I think so highly of you that it means a lot to me that you mentioned me. ::smiles::

  3. Congrats on 100 posts!! You have many things to be proud of...I love that you're in grad school now and that you've raised $10K for breast cancer...and so much more!

    I was so touched when I saw my name there on your list...thank you...I am inspired by your blog, so it's mutual!

  4. Awww you are so sweet!!!! Congrats lady ;) You inspire me too...not just to keep running, but to stay positive. That's the first word that comes into my head when I think of you!!

    To 100 more! :D

  5. Thanks for the shout Mags (blushing a bit....)!

  6. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate your kind words. You all really do inspire me! Thank you thank you thank you <3