Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Beach 1/2 Mary is just around the corner!!

With less than three days to go until the Long Beach Half Marathon, I'm getting more and more excited!  I sometimes drive Ocean Blvd going to work in the morning, and this week I've been super giddy because the road barricades are on every corner ready to be set up for Sunday's marathon!  When I first saw them on the corners, I was overcome with a rush of excitement and some nervousness.  But I had the biggest cheesiest ear-to-ear smile on my face!  In less than 3 days, those barricades will be up, and I'll be running the Long Beach 1/2 Mary and complete the California Dreaming Racing Series!
I have my checklist of everything I need to do Friday and Saturday.  Tomorrow I am going to cruise over to the Expo to pick up my bag, bib, and goodies, and then just hang at home and lay out everything I need for race morning.  That way if I forget something, I have time Saturday to take care of it.
As for the race itself, I'm running this one alone.  Surf City I ran with my cousin, San Francisco I ran with my brother and best friend, but Long Beach will be for me.  This is my hometown and I want to run the streets of Long Beach with a big smile on my face and HAVE FUN!!!
I haven't thought too hard about goals, but I am aiming for a 2:45ish time.  Ideally I'd love to hit 2:30, but I don't want to hold myself too accountable then be angry if I don't hit it.  I will push myself, but like I said, I want to have fun :)  I will say this though, for the first time (for running a long distance race) I'm healthy.  No colds or flus, and no dealing with IT Band or foot injuries *knock on wood*.
Long Beach, let's do this!


  1. Oh man, you're finally here! To complete the series!! AND I'm super excited that you do NOT have any ailments this time around. I bet it will be your best experience yet. GOOD LUCK!!! I can't wait to read about it (and see all the pix!)