Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake + Ways We Can Help

My thoughts and prayers go out to Haiti and those that were injured, killed, or lost a loved one.

This is devastating. Haiti hasn’t seen an earthquake of this magnitude in over 200 years! I’ve been following it pretty closely, and it gives me goose bumps when I see pictures and hear survivor stories. Haiti, especially Port-au-Prince, looks like an atom bomb went off. It breaks my heart. Roger Searle, a professor of geophysics in the Earth Sciences Dept at Durham University in England, said the earthquake’s power is comparable to several nuclear bombs. This ferocity coupled with the geographical shallowness of Haiti made it especially devastating.

A government official in Port-au-Prince reported this morning that he feared the death toll of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake may exceed 100,000. A spokesperson from the Associated Press fears it could be as high as 500,000. That’s half a million people!
It will take years to rebuild the country, and we all can help in numerous ways. CNN posted a great site with ways we can help out whether it is providing basic needs, providing medical aid, providing shelter, or providing food. Please check it out:
There are 32 categorized links to relief organizations. It only takes 2 minutes to help a country in desperate need.



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