Thursday, January 7, 2010

My 2010 Race Schedule!!

I've spent the last couple weeks putting together my 2010 race schedule.  I was already signed up for my first half marathon, Surf City, for February, so I started to work around that.  I wanted to run a 10K during my training for the half, so I found one albeit down in San Diego, but I found one.  Then I started thinking about my recovery time after Surf City...there was a race the following weekend, but I decided that would just be dumb.  After my first 13.1 miles, who knows how my little legs will feel.

Then I caught the 13.1 bug!  I've been so excited for Surf City, and my boyfriend and I have been talking about going to San Francisco for a weekend since I haven't been there since I was 8, so I thought our weekend getaway could be the weekend of July 25!  Yep!  I did it!  I signed up for the San Fran Half Marathon on July 25!  I was so pumped that I tweeted it right away, and my twitter-friend (twiend?) Glenn immediately tweeted back:

gwjones00 She's doing Surf City and SFM. No way we're *not* going to make her do Long Beach next fall!

Glenn, I will DEFINITELY be running Long Beach to complete the California Dreamin' Series!  And I'll be completing it in my hometown, which is just a tiny bit poetic :)
Surf City, San Francisco, Long Beach.  These guys are the big ones I've built my 2010 schedule around.  Without any further adieu, here it is!

1/9 – San Diego Resolution Run 10K
2/7 – Surf City Half Marathon
4/10 – Seal Beach 10K
5/2 – OC 5K
7/25 – San Francisco Half Marathon
10/17 – Long Beach Half Marathon (this will complete the CA Dreamin Series!)
11/25 – Turkey Trot 5K
12/12 – Santa 5K

I am also walking for my SECOND time, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in September.  It's two days (Sept 11-12) with 26.2 miles on day one and 13.1 miles on day two.  I walk for my Grammie, a breast cancer survivor who is celebrating her 91st birthday on Valentine's Day next month!  I wasn't blogging at the time, but here is a brief recap I wrote in Sept 2009, a year after my first walk.

So there it is.  8 races + 2 days walking 40 miles = 10 events in 2010.  Now that's poetic.
Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Which Turkey Trot are you doing? Dana Point? It's way way crowded, but it more the party atmosphere than others around. And Seal Beach 10K? Hmmm. I'm looking for one of those (10K) close to home. And by next Dcember, you'll be an old hat at this running business. Consider the Run for Santa 10K. It's really beautiful in the back of Irvine!

    Finally, if you are looking for good HMs in OC, consider the Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon in Irvine. It's run by the same group that does the Make Room for Santa run you just did. Well organized and well attended. Plus it's a pretty run through Irvine!

    See you at Surf City!

  2. Your schedule looks great - you should go ahead and ink a marathon in there where it fits after you recover from the half(s). I did the 15K Resolution Run today, searched blogs, and saw you here. Good luck this year - keep up the great spirit!