Friday, November 15, 2013

Pictures Are Memories Frozen in Time

Last weekend, I devoted much of my time to backing up my old computer.  Now, my old computer is a 10-year old Macbook Pro, and has been nearing its end for many years.  After Mom passed away in 2012, my techie big brother backed everything Mom ever had up (phone, laptop, video camera, camera, etc), and I began using Mom’s computer as my own.  My old computer then became my “backup” with my 30,000+ photos.  Well, Mom’s computer now is about 6 years old and is beginning to slow down and freeze constantly.  Needless to say, it was time to back everything up on both computers, in case their time comes to an end.  So I hopped on CNET, read reviews for 1TB and 2TB hard drives, and settled on the very compact WD Passport 2TB which I ordered on Amazon.  Two days later, I had my shiny new Passport.

I spent several hours both Saturday and Sunday moving those 30,000 pictures from my old computer to my new Passport.  This was no easy task, but it sure was fun!  I found pictures going back as far as when my parents were younger than I am (scanned of course since digital photography was non-existent then) to some of the more recent photos from college, grad school and post-MBA life that I had forgotten about.

Here are some of the gems I found:
My mom and dad at age 25 with my big brother age 4.
My 8th Grade Graduation.
Going to dinner at Club 33 in Disneyland for my 19th birthday.
My first time in the snow after a blizzard my freshman year of college in NYC.
My 21st birthday in Hawaii with my family and now hubby :)
Me at age 4 with my cousin at her college graduation.

There are MANY more where these came from.  It's so much fun finding old pictures and just immersing yourself in them.  They tell such wonderful stories.  This is why I love taking pictures and creating albums...these moments are so precious and are to be cherished.

Do you enjoy taking pictures?  What do you do with them (albums, prints, keep them on the comp)?


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