Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Workout Wednesday!

I am going to try something new, and on Wednesdays write about my workouts; hence the title “Workout Wednesday”.  Let's give it a go!

Since marathon training ended in March, I've been working out with a group in a boot camp style format every Monday through Thursday.  It’s even more fun because it’s almost my whole family who does it!!  Mondays are either a HIIT (high intensity interval training) or body weight/TRX; Tuesdays are AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible of a circuit in a specified amount of time); Wednesdays are cardio; and Thursdays are Tabata Thursday (my favorite).  I had to take last month off for health reasons, but this week I’m back at it and it feels so good!  I love starting my day with a killer workout to get my blood flowing.

On top of my boot camp, I’m working out with my personal training twice a week.  This morning I worked out with her before boot camp, and she destroyed my arms (in a good way!).  We did biceps, triceps, and shoulders, and my muscles were screaming!!  She definitely pushes me beyond my limit!  She's awesome!  A great trainer and a great friend.  After she kicked my butt, boot camp was all about spin, trampoline, and more arms!  Spin was 30 minutes of hills and sprints, followed by 30 minutes of trampoline + triceps + shoulders.  Needless to say, my arms got double the workout this morning, and are already sore.  I'm sure tomorrow I won’t be able to move them, and I love it!

Did you work out today?  What did you do?


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