Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Honeymoon in Paradise!

Words can't even begin to describe how beautiful our honeymoon in Costa Rica was!  We spent 8 beautiful days there, and had a really hard time coming home.  If Christmas hadn't been two days away, we probably would have stayed!  In addition to the country's beauty, the people were so incredibly nice!!  Everyone was so helpful and I never felt worried or unsafe.  It truly was paradise :)

We stayed at the Hilton Papagayo which is right on the water, and our bungalow overlooked the gorgeous gulf.  This is what we woke up to every morning:
When we first arrived, it was a little overcast, but the next days it cleared up and was gorgeous for the rest of our honeymoon.  We went on so many fun adventures!

  • Jungle Cruise through Palo Verde National Park - this was like the Disneyland Jungle Cruise but WAY cooler!  We saw huge 15 foot crocs (and even got as close as 3 feet away!), scarlet macaws, Howler Monkeys, White Headed Capuchin monkeys, herons, egrets, iguanas as big as 4 feet, and more!
  • Ziplining through the rainforest at Buena Vista - this was an unbelievable experience!  There were 11 cables and we soared above the rainforest canopy.  It was my favorite adventure!
  • Horseback riding to volcanic hot springs - this was no ride in the park.  It was about an hour ride through rough terrains, up steep hills and down rocky hills.  It was so much fun!  This was my husband's favorite adventure, and his first time riding!
  • Swimming in volcanic hot springs - there were 8 pools ranging from 106 degrees (this was HOT) to 75 degrees, all naturally heated.  You'll see in pictures below that we're in the middle of the rainforest.  It was majestic.
  • Coco Beach cruising and shopping - we spent an afternoon at the neighboring town, Coco Beach.  Very cultural little town with awesome local shops, beatiful beaches, and the nicest people.  There were stray dogs every where too!  Super friendly just looking for attention.  One sat with us at our feet during lunch!
  • Hiking - we hiked through rain forests and local trails near the ocean.  It was picturesque.
  • 400-meter concrete water slide - yes, 400 METERS!  That's 4 football fields!  It was an open concrete water slide through the rainforest.  Requirements include wearing a helmet and a tube, and for the ladies a leather diaper-like underwear thing.
  • Lots of lounging by the pool and enjoying local drinks made with their local alcohol, Cacique AKA Guaro - soooo tasty!  It's made from sugar cane so it's like a rum, but used in drinks like both rum and vodka, and taken as a shot like tequila with lime and salt.  It's a versatile (and smooth) drink.
  • Couples massages overlooking the ocean - perfect after all our ziplining, hiking, and horseback riding adventures :)
So those are our adventures and relaxation in a nutshell.  My words don't do it justice, so onto pictures!!!
We're here!!!
It was overcast the first day, but still beautiful.  This is by the pool.
Tasting our first Guaro was delish!

Going to dinner one night
Live music and entertainment every night.
Giant lizard hanging with us at the pool
Getting ready for dinner one night
We found a cool statue when we were hiking one day

Lounging by the pool
On our balcony before dinner one night

That's our bungalow!

On the way to Buena Vista, we stopped at an original self-sustainable sugar plantation that was built in the 1800s.
Gorgeous day!
Giant iguanas on our Jungle Cruise.  It was mating season and they turn orange during this time.
White headed capuchin monkey
We saw so many of these guys!!!  From a 1 foot baby croc to a  15-foot King of the Jungle croc!
Jungle Cruise!
By the pool
The colors of Costa Rica were so vibrant (when it wasn't cloudy)!

All geared up for ziplining!
One one of the canopy bridges from one zipline platform to the other 

One of the zipline platforms
Soaring 1,000 feet above the ground!
Horseback riding!!
400 meter water slide!  This is the pool it dumps you into
My hubby feeding a White Nose Coati
Volcanic hot springs with my husband!

It was so beautiful, hot springs in the middle of the rainforest

Our bartender loved us!  He kept bringing us pineapple and guaro drinks along with guaro shots!
I love my husband!!!
Our new friends!  We met them the first day and hung with them almost every day!  Turns out we live one town away from each other!
Lounging and wearing my fabulous new bridal bikini from my dear friend BritB who designs high-end swimwear adorned with swarovski crystals.  Thanks for the wedding present B!!  <3
One of the pools :) 
My handsome hubby <3
View from our massage room overlooking one of the pools and the ocean

Dinner and guaro!
Grabbing lunch and beer at a little restaurant in Coco Beach
Enjoying local beer
Coco Beach!
Me and my man in Coco Beach :)
Doing a little shopping in Coco Beach

Costa Rica was breathtakingly beautiful, adventurously fun, and beautifully romantic.  It was the perfect honeymoon spot for us newlyweds :)  Thank you mom and dad for giving us this incredible honeymoon.  It was a trip of a lifetime and we will never forget it!

We're married!!!!  Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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