Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Run of 2012!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about running because, frankly, I haven’t been doing much of it.  I’ve been working out a TON, but I haven’t been logging the miles since our wedding, which was a month ago today!  Happy 1 month to us! :)

Yesterday I went out for my first run of 2012!  It’s been so foggy the last few nights and mornings to the point where I can’t see 100 feet in front of me, and yesterday morning was no different.  I set off in the fog and it felt so good to stretch my legs.  I had no plan, no set number of miles, I just wanted to cruise around my neighborhood.  I walked a bit here and there, helping my body to ease back into using muscles it hasn’t in over a month.  Four miles later, I was back at my front door!  I felt so refreshed, and I discovered a new 4-mile loop in my neighborhood, SCORE!

I’m really excited to log more miles this year, and my hubby wants to start running with me too!  Hooray!  He’s always been there for me at races to cheer me on, and he always wishes me a good run when I head out for a fun run or training run.  I’m looking forward to sharing these moments with him from a whole new perspective…in the street together running side-by-side!

Cheers to running and cheers to 2012!  It’s going to be a great year :)


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