Friday, August 27, 2010

Foto Friday - Shoes!

This is a picture I took using the self-timer on my new Nikon D3000 that I got back in June for my birthday.  I wanted to photoshop it using cool effects, but I am not familiar with that program...I just bought it and I'm practicing.  So I asked my incredibly talented cousin who edits movies in Hollywood if he could do some basic funky effects, and I am SO happy with the results:
Tomorrow I have my first MBA's a 1 unit all day class on competitive advantage and strategic planning.  Kind of an intro before my Finance/Accounting Analysis and Econ Analysis classes start next week!!!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. The effects look sweet. Congratulations on an awesome camera - I have total camera envy now.

    Good luck with your first MBA class!

  2. Great pic!!

    Good luck with the MBA class :)