Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog!

Today my blog turns one!  I can’t believe it was one year ago that I decided I was going to become “a runner” and that I decided to document and share my journey through this little blog.  My very first post is here.

As I sit here and try to write this Happy Birthday Blog, I can’t help but think about the progress I have made in my running life.  Just a year ago, I was only running/walking on the treadmill and the elliptical to stay healthy and fit.  I couldn’t run 3 miles (hell maybe it was even 2!) at a steady pace without feeling exhausted.  And now I’ve completed (5) 5Ks, (2) 10Ks, and 2 half marathons!

San Diego Mud Run (5K) - Nov 22, 2009
2.  Long Beach Turkey Trot (5K) - Thanksgiving 2009
3.  Make Room for Santa (5K) - December 13, 2009
4.  San Diego Resolution Run (10K) - January 10, 2010
5.  Surf City Half Marathon - February 7, 2010
6.  Seal Beach 10K - April 10, 2010
7.  Del Mar Aflac Iron Girl (5K) - May 9, 2010
8.  MLB All-Star Charity Run @ Angel Stadium (5K) - July 11, 2010
9.  San Francisco Half Marathon - July 25, 2010

Looking back at the races I've completed, I realize I have accomplished my original goals that I posted a year ago!!!

And I already have a few more races coming up, including the Long Beach half marathon on October 17 where I will also be completing the CA Dreaming Series, and the Walt Disney World half marathon on January 8, 2011!  I’m really looking forward to these two because LB is my hometown, and I am a HUGE Disney fan…also, my boyfriend is running it too, and it will be his first half marathon!  I’m so excited for him and as cheesy as it might sound, I can’t wait to cross the finish line hand in hand :)

I love running!  There’s no better way to say it than that.  I love the feeling I get while I’m running, like there’s nothing I can’t do.  Of course there are days where I don’t want to go for that long run in 80+ degrees, but no matter how painful it is to start, it’s always worth it at the end of a completed run.  Running is a great outlet for me.  My job can be very stressful at times, and running in either the morning or after a hard day at the office relieves my tension and alleviates stress.  It’s also a time for me to reflect – reflect on my goals, reflect on my accomplishments, reflect on the challenges that lie ahead of me and visual how to overcome them.  Plus, you can enjoy beautiful scenery.  And I must admit, I love getting cute new running clothes!

Now I’m not saying that it’s all rainbows and butterflies.  Running definitely can take a toll on the body (ask any runner and they will be able to tell you how many toenails they’ve lost). Unfortunately I had two injuries in the past two months.  First I had IT Band Syndrome that was more painful than I imagined it would be, and now I have a deeply bruised left foot bone and I’m laying low on the running front and biking up a storm to makeup the mileage.  But all the positives totally outweigh any negatives, and it’s totally worth every second.  Now that I CAN run, I can’t imagine not being able to do so and I am so thankful for that.  Through running I have discovered a lot about myself and I hope that my self-discovery through running continues.

I am so thankful for my ability to run, my ability to write about my journey, and of course the support I get from my family and friends (that includes the blogosphere and twitterworld!)

Happy Birthday Blog!!!


  1. Awesome post! Happy Birthday Blog!!

  2. Happy blogaversary! Jeff over at Dangle The Carrot is celebrating his 2nd blogaversary. Heh! You're just one year apart!

  3. Weee! Great positive post! I wish we could all feel the way about running that you do, especially me haha! Clearly you made goals, stuck to them, and you can look back and feel super proud of yourself. Awesome job and here's to another positive post for Year 2 ;)