Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just read this in RW online and loved it:
“When you are one of 35,000 participants in a race, do yourself a favor and shout something out on your shirt. Make sure everyone on the sidelines knows why they're cheering. If you're running to make the world a better place, let them know. If you're running to make yourself a better person, let them know. Let's tell the world who we are, what we believe, and why it matters.
If nothing else, I want to encourage everyone who runs a race to put your name boldly on the front of your shirt. Put it there in large letters. You won't remember your number late in the race, but with any luck you'll still be able to remember your name. And when you hear your name, you'll be reminded of why you're there—and why it sounded like a good idea three months earlier

--John Bingham, Runner’s World Magazine

Everyone runs for a reason. I think that whatever your reason is, you should be proud of it! I have many reasons that I’m running again, so this is something I will have to think about. Once I get my t-shirt “one-liner” reason figured out, I will most definitely share it!

I’m planning on running tonight, but I think I might have to take this one to the gym. The air quality is so poor outside with the horrible fires, and I live miles and miles away from them! There was an article on CNN this morning that said Texas is experiencing the smoke and haze from the LA area fires, and it’s expected to travel as far as Minnesota! It’s unbelievable. I really hope the weather cools down so the firefighters can contain the fires, and also that we get some rain. The latter is very doubtful, especially this time of year, but there is a hurricane in Cabo San Lucas so maybe we will get some of that rain (minus the winds please…we don’t need to fuel the fires).

I’ll check out the air quality later this evening when it cools, but I might be hitting the treadmill today in lieu of the road. Either way, it will be a great workout!


  1. Look Maggie! I'm following you! Maybe your T-shirt one-liner should be :

    "I run because I can."

    Dude, some people just can't do it. TRUST ME.