Friday, December 27, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This Christmas was so wonderful!  My big brother flew out from TN and my cousin flew out from London (it’s been 5 years since she has been here)!  Christmas Eve is our big celebration which is always at my parents house.  The whole family comes over, about 20 of us, and Dad makes his famous spaghetti and meatballs, which is an old Italian family recipe.  The evening was filled with delicious food, lots of wine, many laughs and great stories.  Growing up, Santa always called our house so we could talk to him and tell him what we wanted for Christmas.  Well, all the “kids” in the family are grown up now, so Santa hasn’t called in years.  This year, however, my little cousin is 4 years old, which is old enough to talk to Santa!  So Santa called the house and my cousin spoke with him and told him what he wanted!  He was a little shy about it at first, but then his face lit up with joy and he told Santa what he wanted.  It was very exciting!  The night continued with more conversation, laughter, and music.
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
The next morning, Sean and I hosted Christmas breakfast, a tradition my Grammie used to do.  After she passed nearly three years ago, Sean and I took over the tradition.
Our Christmas breakfast table
After a hearty and absolutely delicious breakfast of baked eggs and beef hash with gravy, we gathered near the tree to open presents.  I love watching people open their presents and seeing the delight on their faces.  After breakfast, we went to my in-laws to celebrate Christmas with them.  After spending a wonderful afternoon with my in-laws watching the Laker game, talking, laughing, eating, and opening presents, my hubby had to go to work, and I went to my Aunt’s house for Christmas dinner.  Our Christmas dinner tradition is lamb, potatoes and broccoli…yum!

Then there were more presents!  The best part was watching my little 4 year old cousin open his presents one at a time with such poise and thanks.  My other cousin received a flabongo, which naturally we had to test out immediately:
Christmas Dinner
Testing out the flabongo with my brother and cousin
My husband and family absolutely spoiled me!  Here is a montage of some of the amazing gifts I was blessed with:

1. Sam Edelman boots.  2. Halogen polka dot wallet.  3. “I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle” workout tank.  4. House Targaryen fade out tee (I LOVE Danaerys).  5. Purple gemstone earrings.  6. Multicolored gemstone necklace.  7. Polka dot iPad neoprene sleeve.  8. Motorcycle jacket.  9. Sequin “Pink” tee.  10. VS sweatpants.  11. Lululemon running top.  12. Chocolate button Ugg boots.  13. Nordicware waffled pancake pan.  14. “Keep Calm and Run On” tank.  15. Alice in Wonderland shoe ornament.  16. Mickey police officer ornament.

There were more wonderful things I received too.  Like I said, I was spoiled and yet I didn’t ask for anything this year…my hubby and family know me so well.

Another amazing Christmas present I received was my doctor’s clearance to work out again!  I haven’t been able to workout for a month, and boy was I getting antsy!  Needless to say, I went for a run and it felt so good!!  I really missed being able to go for a run or lift weights and I am extremely excited to get back to where I was fitness-wise.

Christmas 2013 was absolutely wonderful.  I love my family more than anything, and the holidays are all about family.  We remembered loved ones we’ve lost, and embraced each other extra tight.

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale.


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