Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surf City 1/2 & LA Color Run 5K This Weekend!

This Sunday I'm running the Surf City 1/2 Marathon for my third time!  I'm running it as a training run for the LA Marathon in March, which is only 47 days away!  Weeeeeeeee!!!

This morning I ran for the first time in a week after discovering I have shin splints.  I spent the past week resting, icing, wrapping, elevating, stretching, and this morning when I hit the pavement my shins felt much better.  I did 45 minutes of intervals at race pace, and I feel much more confident (I was worried that not running for a week would hurt my training...it didn't, phew).  I was able to get a 22 mile bike ride in over the weekend though, which I'm sure helped.  I'm going to run tomorrow and Thursday, and continue icing, and I hope I'll be A-OK for Sunday!

Another fun thing that's happening this weekend is the LA Color Run!  For Christmas, our friends D&L registered me and my hubs for the Color Run.  I did the OC Color Run with my cousin last year and we had a blast!  Since Lisa and I are both running Surf City on Sunday, we're going to take it easy and walk/jog the 5K as a fun double date with our hubbies!

I'm looking forward to this fun-filled & race-filled Super Bowl Weekend!!!  What are your Super Bowl Weekend plans??


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