Monday, January 7, 2013

Great Training Week + a 13-mile PR!

Last week was a pretty awesome week of training for me. I kicked it off on Sunday, December 30 with my last run of the year: a 2 hour long run. The most amazing part of this run was that I ran the entire 2 hours without a single walk break! In the past during long runs, I’d have to scatter a few couple-minute walk breaks in. Not this time! I ran consistently the entire 2 hours and logged just over 9 miles. I felt great!
I kicked off 2013 with a solid one hour run on January 1st. It was so refreshing to get out there. I did see a lot of new faces in my neighborhood (new year’s resolutions perhaps?).

On Thursday, January 3rd my coach kicked my butt with 800s at the track. This was my first time doing 800s and man oh man are they hard! After the 4th one I was exhausted!! Luckily I only had 6 sets, but holding a faster-than-normal pace for 800 meters is no small feat. But I got them done! Needless to say, I was a little sore the next day and I loved it!

And finally, on Saturday January 5th, I ran 13 miles through 3 cities! I completed my 13 miler in 2:48 which was a PR for me {and no walk breaks!}. I tried a new gel called Accel Gel {vanilla flavored} and it was delicious! I took two of them during my run and they gave me the energy I needed to finish my run feeling great!
It was a great training week for me, and I know the coming weeks will only get better! 69 days until the LA Marathon!!


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