Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Things Thursday!

1.  MBA Update:  I started my last semester of grad school this week.  I'm taking two FUN classes:  International Marketing and Consumer Behavior so I'm certain this semester will fly by.  We have some very creative projects as well as some exciting and topical case studies.  Come December, I will have earned my MBA!
2.  Triathlon?  It's less than a month until my first triathlon and I have a confession - I haven't swam once.  I've been cycling a lot, and running here and there, but I haven't gotten one swim in.  Cest la vie!  I signed up to do this just for fun {not for time or competition}, so I'm going to do it just for fun.  I may be the very last finisher, but I'll finish :)  I have my first ocean swim on deck for this weekend.  Cheers to Labor Day weekend ocean swims!
Okay, okay, so this won't be me AT ALL, but it's a cool picture!
3.  Rugby loves to swim {maybe he can swim my part of the triathlon for me??}!  This past weekend we took Rugby swimming for the first time.  He was so great and he loved it!  I can't wait to take him swimming again! 
Hubby and Rugby in the pool :)
Happy Thursday everyone!


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