Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Olympics + Our Little Rascals

Last night after a delicious at-home Taco Tuesday with my hubby, Dad, and bro complete with homemade tacos and enchiladas, hubby and I tuned in to the Olympics.  We caught the tail end of women’s synchronized diving (China took the gold and Mexico the silver), then we watched the men’s 100M freestyle swimming which is one of my favorite events.  James Magnussen (Australia) qualified for the 100m freestyle finals as the fastest swimmer in 47.63 seconds, followed by our own Nathan Adrian (USA) in 47.97 seconds!  They were flyin’!

After watching the men’s 100M freestyle, my absolutely favorite event came on…the women’s gymnastics.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved watching gymnastics in the Olympics.  One of my most memorable moments was when I was 10 years old watching the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when Kerri Strug pulled through for the USA team after Dominique Moceanu fell on both her vaults, by perfectly landed her vault after severely injuring her ankle.  Her landing assured the USA team their first Olympic team gold medal.  It was memorable.

Watching the women’s gymnastics last night was so exciting!  USA was on fire, and as a Long Beach, CA native, I am so proud of McKayla Maroney who is from Long Beach.  She earned the highest vault score and watching her routine I honestly could not figure out where the judges deducted any points…she looked perfect!
McKayla Maroney, SoCal native and LBC resident!
The USA women’s gymnastics team took the gold last night beating Russia by 5 points.  This is the second gold medal ever for the USA women’s gymnastics team with Atlanta in 1996 being the first.  GO TEAM USA!!  I’m so excited and proud!

USA Women's Gymnastics Team Takes the Gold!
Speaking of excited and proud, I have to share some pictures of our little rascal, Rugby.  We’ve only had him for three days and he is the cutest most adorable little guy, and he already knows to go to the bathroom outside!  He’ll go to the door and either bark or give a little whimper, and we take him out to the grass and voila!  He’s such a quick learner :)  He’s so full of energy and so silly because as a baby he is still very uncoordinated and waddles or falls over when he’s jumping on a toy…it’s the cutest.  And he and Tantalum have become buddies, playing with and chasing each other all around the house.  Last night, Rugby discovered one of Tantalum’s kitty toys.  Tantalum at first was like “hey that’s my toy” but then joined in and they played with it together.  Precious! 
He's so little but look at those paws!  He's going to be a big boy!
Rugby and Tantalum :)
Our little rascal
Our family is growing and we couldn't be happier :)


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