Thursday, February 16, 2012

Surf City Half Marathon 2012 Recap!

On Super Bowl Sunday I ran the Surf City 1/2 marathon with my best friend, Lisa.  This was my first half marathon back in 2010, so I was very excited to run it again!  I signed up last fall and was diligent with my training, getting in my weekly runs and my weekend long run.  After Sean's and my fairy tale wedding on December 3, we went on our amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica!!  Then January I was traveling a ton for work, and finally settled home at the end of January.  Needless to say, I didn't train at all in December and January, leaving me 5 days before Surf City.  I said "screw it!  I'm doing this with my best friend, so let's just go out there and have fun with it!"  So we did just that!

Lisa picked me up at 5:30am and we got there about 6, found an awesome parking spot, and walked over to the corrals.  It was freezing, so we walked around, used the porto potties, and then hung out in our corral.  I was just wearing shorts, my TeamSparkle skirt, and a tank, and I was freezing my buns off.  Then a woman walked over and gave me her cotton suit to put over my legs!  That was so kind and it helped!  But I guess I still looked cold because another woman turned to me and generously gave me her cotton throw-away gloves!  I must have looked pitiful haha!!!  To those 2 women, thank you for being so kind and giving me these items to warm me up; good karma to you ladies!

Finally, 20 minutes after the scheduled start, the gun sounded and we were off.  Lis and I ran the first mile in 9:54 with numb toes, but we felt good.  We stopped to use the restroom somewhere around mile 2, and decided we wanted to walk.  So we did!  We walked, and ran here and there, and we had the best time being complete goofballs.  Oh!  And we got SOOOOOOOOOOOO many compliments on our TeamSparkle skirts.  I've worn the two skirts that I have to several races over the past two years, and received compliments before, but not like this.  We were "Disco Barbies" "Sparkle Runners" "Girls with Glitter" you name it we were hollered to!  So thank you TeamSparkle for putting some sparkle in our run :)
We had a blast!  And as we sprinted across the finish line we heard our names being shouted!  When we looked over we saw both our hubbies and Lisa's puppy!  We were so excited to see them and give them a big hug and kiss :)

After, Sean took me to In-N-Out (yum!), then we stopped at my cousin's house before going to my in-laws' for the SuperBowl!  It was such a wonderful day.


  1. Congrats, girl! Sounds like such a fun run... I like ones like that where you can just be silly and goof around! Mmmm In-N-Out!