Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Challenges!

Happy February!!

I'm excited about today for a couple reasons:
1.  Today is the start of my mile-a-day in February!  I've pledged to run at least one mile every day!  I kicked it off this morning with a 10:13 mile at sunrise.  I felt great!
2.  The #FEBphotoaday challenge begins today!

And here is my day 1 photo from my run this morning:
Day 1:  Your View Today - taken on my sunrise run this morning
3.  I start my spring semester of grad school tonight with my Capstone Course!  I'm so pumped, because I love my classes this semester and it's my last spring semester of my MBA program (I graduate in December, yay!)

Are you partaking in any fun challenges this month?


  1. Can I be a total copycat and follow along in the photo challenge?? Hooray for the mile a day and capstone course challenges you're also taking part in!

  2. Yes absolutely!! Yay for #FEBphotoaday!