Monday, November 1, 2010

November Goals

Happy November!!
In the past I've set yearly goals, such as my goals for 2010.  As great as it is to have those longer-term goals, I want to start thinking about my short-term goals.  Here are my goals for the month of November:

1.  Run 20-25 miles per week
2.  Lose 5 pounds and tone up (especially my arms)
3.  Run a 5K in 32 minutes or less (my current PR is 33:32)
4.  Mentally prepare myself to begin training in December for my 1st full marathon -- the LA Marathon!
5.  Run smart, stay healthy and injury free

And of course, HAVE FUN!

What are your goals?  Short-term?  Long-term?


  1. COOL! :o)

    I like the last two the most! When is the LA Marathon? My first Marathon is in Brighton and is in April so it'll be cool to keep in check with each other.

    I am aiming to run every day this month (30 day challenge) as a last bit of fun before my marathon training takes place too. On the days my schedule says I don't have to run I'll just do a mile or two.

    And I'll also add: RUn smart, stay healthy & injury free!

    I will also Run Happy!

  2. I agree with 1 & 2 and would make those my goals for Nov. and include get a job and to read more books.

  3. Awesome! Interestingly, people are more likely to achieve their goals when they write them down. I think it's because you're more likely to feel like you've made a commitment when you say something aloud or write it down. I'm hoping to stay injury free (goal #1) and complete 5 marathons in 2010.

  4. Great goals...Yay for first marathon training! I start in January :)

  5. Good goals, nothing too radical!

  6. Great set of goals here!
    So you for sure registered for the LA Marathon? That's great!!