Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov Goals Update + Napa Run

Week 2 November goals update:

1.  I hit 20 miles for the week again!  I'm so excited, and this week I'm hoping to hit closer to 25.
2.  As for the gym, I met with my trainer last Thursday and he pretty much kicked my @$$!  It was a total body workout and I was so sore Friday!  It was great!  I'm going to hit the gym tomorrow morning before work and do my full body workout routine again.
3.  T-minus 11 days until the Turkey Trot!  My current PR in a 5K is 33:32, I'm shooting for better than that.  Don't know if it'll be 32 minutes or less, but we'll see.
4.  Today I start training for the LA Marathon!  You can find my 18-week plan here.  This morning I kicked it off with an easy 30 minutes of Chi Walking, mainly to practice form.  With this being my first full marathon, I know I need to be dilligent in hitting my workouts.  Sometimes life gets in the way (in my case working late, writing papers for grad school, traveling, etc.) so I know there will be days that I have to be flexible in my plan by maybe switching Monday for Tuesday, but I want to stay as on track as I can with everything else.
5.  My new obsession is KT Tape.  I wore it for the first time during the Chapman 5K in October, and loved it!!!  It totally helps me stabilize my knee preventing any ITBS flare ups.  I usually only wear it on longer runs, but if my knee is sore I'll wear it on a 3 or 4 miler too.  I highly recommend it :)

This past weekend I ran my 6-miler in Napa with my boyfriend.  It was so beautiful up north with the leaves turning colors -- the trees looked like they were made entirely of gold, or they were such a bright red that they appeared to be on fire!  We ran through Napa and talked and admired the beauty of the world.  We forgot we were running a lot of the time!
Here are some pictures I took on my phone:
This picture doesn't do the colors justice
Running through the local park in Napa
6 miles done!
This is actually Sonoma

On another note, check out Rad Runner's amazing giveaway here!  She's giving away beautiful Endure jewelry (retails for $78!).  I saw the Endure girls at the Long Beach Marathon Expo and I was thoroughly impressed with the simplicity and elegance of their pieces.  So check out her giveaway!

Happy Monday!


  1. Unfortunately can't see the pics...good luck on the Turkey'll do great I'm sure!

    How cool about SNL :) :)

  2. What a pretty 6 mile run route you have! Great pics.
    Oh duh K-TAPE, I want to sign up for a turkey trot too, but I'm scared my injury will flare up, I forgot about ktape!

  3. Just found your blog. Good luck at the Turkey Trot and with your marathon training!