Friday, November 12, 2010

My Debut on SNL!

Happy Friday!  I am officially on this season of SNL!!!

Okay okay, so I'm not one of the main people, but seriously I will be on every episode this season!  Here's the story...

I was in NYC in September on a business trip, and whenever I travel there for work I extend it a day or two to see my old roommates.  Well we were out at the Standard Hotel one night at the outdoor beer garden-type place (very swanky though) sitting near the ping pong tables chatting away.  We noticed someone with a gorgeous top-of-the-line camera snapping shots of the ping pong tables and thought they were shooting an add or something.

The photographer and the person who turned out to be the director came over to me, Sean and my roomies and asked us if we could stand behind the ping pong tables and "mingle" because guess what...they were about to film the intro for SNL introducing their newest cast member!!  And they wanted us in the scene!!!

Here's a freeze frame of the SNL opening credits:
I tried to point all of us out, but but one of my roomies is behind me and another is behind the new cast member, Taran Killam, who we ended up chatting with for a little while.  He was very humbled to be on SNL and obviously funny!

And here is the video link - Don't blink! (Season 36, episode 1):

Happy Friday!!!


  1. HA that is so cool! PS. wicked cool dress, where'd you get it?! I'll think of you every time I watch now!

  2. Okay, that is seriously awesome, girl.