Monday, November 22, 2010

Awesome 8-miler + Family Festivities!

This past weekend was quite an eventful one! I woke up Saturday morning at 6:30am to meet up with Sole Runners after a fabulous Friday night dinner in Laguna Beach with a girl friend of mine. It was pouring Saturday morning, but made for a cool and adventurous run. I met up with my group around 7:20am and after doing our body looseners (warm ups) we took off, already drenched from the rain! I had a 1 hour 40 min run on my LA Marathon training plan, and it was the best run I think I’ve ever had! I ended up running 8 miles, and usually on longer runs like that I will take a walk break to drink water or eat my Sharkies. But this time, I never stopped! I felt like the energizer bunny and it was incredible! I kept a really easy pace (12-13min/miles) and I think the cool weather helped mask any fatigue I may have had.

After such an incredible run, my day only got better! My big brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews arrived for the holidays. I picked them up at LAX and first things first – we stopped at In-N-Out! That night we had a birthday party for my big brother at the house, and when the family gets together (there were 25 of us, some cousins couldn’t make it otherwise it would have been more) we are loud, crazy, and totally fun! I think we were up until 2am talking, laughing, and listening to the Beatles!

Then Sunday I was busy with homework and working on a paper before going to school to meet my study group. Luckily it was a rest day on the training schedule because my hamstrings were really tight and sore. But on the downside, I didn’t hit my 20 mile mark for the week. I was shy by just 2 miles coming in at 18 for the week. It was a busy weekend, and I have always said I need to be flexible with training. But I fully intend on making up those 2 miles this week and hitting at least 24.

One of my runs this week will be the local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I’m running it with my family (14 of us are doing it). I know I had said my goal was to PR, but I think it’s going to be more of a “fun run” where we all cruise together as opposed to racing it. And I am A-OK with that. I just want to have fun with the fam this Thursday! It’s also going to be my nephews’ first run (the older is running it and the baby will be pushed by mommy in his stroller), and my little 17 month old cousin’s first run too (he will also be pushed by mommy in his stroller). I can always sign up for another 5K soon and focus on PR-ing then :)

It was an exciting and super fun weekend, and I’m looking forward to more family gatherings and festivities this week!



  1. Turkey Trots are meant to cruise and have fun with. Enjoy! Happy Turkey Day!

  2. We're still sick, I logged a whopping 3 miles last week.. hoping for big runs on Thanksgiving and Sat SoleRunners. Congrats on the run, and enjoy the holiday week.

  3. Sounds like a great time. Don't stress about the miles and enjoy the family run.

  4. Great run :) I love that feeling! Glad you had an amazing weekend.

  5. Nice 8-miler! Good luck at the Turkey Trot!

  6. Had so much fun....Miss you already