Sunday, October 11, 2009

William Wade Fine Photography (Beautiful Day Photography)

First of all, today is the Long Beach marathon.  I wish all racers the best of luck!  Maybe next year I'll be able to run the half!  Now that's a pretty sweet thought!

Anyways, this morning I woke up and met our dear family friend Bill (Uncle Bill) at the beach for a running photo shoot.  He is a brilliant photographer, an artist actually.  He owns a studio in Long Beach called William Wade Fine Photography (or Beautiful Day Photography).  He's been photographing me and my entire family since we were born, and out of all those shots, and the shots I've seen in his studio and even the shots he takes on vacations for leisure, I have NEVER seen a bad photo.  I mentioned to him that I wanted to take some pictures running for my blog, for a possible website later, and to simply document the beginning of a lifelong journey.  He immediately said "Let's do it!"  And it became a collaborative and super fun project.

Last week we did some test shots in a beautiful park across the street from my house (that ironically I had no idea existed!).  He took some of just me, and then some of me and Sean.  They turned out beautifully!  Here is a sneak peak of some of the photos from that day:

Me and my incredible Sean <3

Me in a tucked away park

There a lot more which I will post later!

Today's shoot was the running shoot I wanted to do.  So we met this morning at the beach on the border of Long Beach and Seal Beach.  We couldn't park at LB where I normally run the bike path because it was closed off for the LB marathon.  It was overcast which made a perfect photography setting.  (When it's too sunny the exposure can be off and there will be different shades of light patches contrasted with shadows everywhere.  Overcast makes for much better and even lighting.)  The first pics were of me stretching in the wet sand, followed by some shots of me running along the ocean.  From what Bill showed me on the LCD screen on his camera, I know I am going to LOVE the pictures.



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