Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Surf City 2013 1/2 Marathon Recap!

This past Sunday was the Surf City ½ marathon in Huntington Beach.  I was a little nervous because my doctor had put me in an aircast a couple days prior and warned me that I may have to walk the race.  I was willing to do that in order to save myself from further injury before the LA Marathon.  Well, come race day, I felt great!  I opted not to wear the aircast to run in and instead used a ton of Rocktape.  When we got there, we used the restroom and lined up in our corral just in time for the gun to go off.
She’s Speedy Gonzales, so I wished her good luck and that I would meet her at the finish (she ended up finishing in 2:05!)

I started out nice and easy and found a good comfortable pace to hang at.  Around mile 3 I got really hungry and decided to take my Accel Gel a little early.
Then up the hill and around the neighborhood we went.  Mile 5.  I was feeling great!  I was so happy my injury wasn't hurting {yet}.
Along the course there were bands playing live music and people blasting records.  It kept the participants up beat, which was fun.  Then came the out and back stretch on PCH.  Around mile 6 I got a text from my hubby asking me how I was feeling and if I was running or walking.  I replied with, “Inning!!”, meaning running, but I was, well, running, and couldn't text well.  I also sent him this pic:
The turning point of the out and back was around mile 8 and I took another Accel Gel.  Now I was running into the sun, and it was warm!  My knees were starting to ache a little but nothing too bad.  And still, my shin splints were not flaring up…WIN!  At mile 10 I started to feel sick to my stomach, but knew I had to push through.  I wanted to complete this race strong for Mom, since all this (the training and this run leading up to the LA Marathon) is for her and MDS.

At mile 11 there was a guy playing a Beach Boys record through his speakers, and as I approached, the song “Don’t Worry Baby” came on.  I completely broke down crying.  I was so overcome with emotions of missing Mom.  It was like she was telling me she was with me and I could make it to the finish (cheesy I know, but I felt it).  I kept running, but couldn't stop crying.  Finally I saw mile 13 and picked up my pace.  I passed mile 13 and sprinted 100% to the finish.  As I was running down the chute to the finish line, I heard people shout “Go Maggie!  Woohoo!  Way to go Mags!!”  I saw my hubby, Lisa and her hubby out of the corner of my eye!  I crossed the finish and waved to them.  It took so much energy not to break down again.  I got my medal and water, and as I was walking towards my hubs, I started to cry.  He gave me a giant hug and said “She’d be so proud of you.  I am so proud of you.”  I felt so much better in that moment.
I gave Lisa a congratulatory 2:05 hug, and the four of us and their pup headed to the beer garden.  We weren't going to pass up complimentary beers post race!  We cooled down, stretched, recapped the race together, while sipping a nice cold Michelob Ultra under the hot sun.
It was a good race!  I ran slow, finishing in 2:56 (avg pace of 13:25), but I ran the entire 13.1 miles and despite my injury I felt great!

When we got home, my hubby was so awesome and got me a big bag of ice for an ice bath.  My knees were so unbelievably sore, I was so surprised.  Still, no shin splint pain.  So I iced bath, and got ready to watch the Super Bowl over at my Dad’s (with ice packs on my knees and ankle).  It wasn't until the evening that I stood up and nearly collapsed under my weight.  Hello shin splints!  It hurt in the place it had the past two weeks, but the pain extended towards my ankle, and every time I put weight on my foot, it felt like my bones were crushing.  I felt the same pain yesterday (the day after the race), and today it’s a little better, but not 100%.  I have an appointment on Thursday with my podiatrist and I’m praying that my shin splints have not turned into a stress fracture.  For now, I’m taking a couple days off and icing.

LA is 40 days from today!!


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