Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Road Trip To Big Sky Country + Learning to Snowboard!

My husband and I just got back from spending the last week with my cousins in Montana. A few weeks ago we decided to drive up for the week around Valentine's Day. This was my first time here in the winter and it was spectacular. After a 21 hour drive from CA through NV, UT, and ID, we made it to MT and everything was covered in snow. It was beautiful.

My hubby and I wanted to learn to snowboard, so while my cousins hit the slopes, Sean and I took a couple lessons. We both picked it up pretty quickly and decided to take our newly acquired skills beyond the bunny slope and to one of the main slopes. We did "S" turns all the way down! I have to say, the only time I fell was when I stopped and stood still, then I plopped on my butt. But going down the slope felt so great and we immediately fell in love with the sport.

My cousins were so impressed by our ability to snowboard that the next say they decided to take us down the back bowl (the more advanced slope from the summit down the back side of the mountain). As we were going up the chair lift, everything became more white and you couldn't even see the green of the trees. They were so thickly covered in snow, and I learned they are called "snow ghosts." This slope was intense but we had the best time. It was also one of the most picturesque things I've ever seen in my life. We did a few runs down the back bowl then grabbed lunch at the summit. After lunch, the snow was falling so hard that there was a complete whiteout.  We couldn't see 5 feet in front of us! Luckily my cousin was wearing neon orange ski pants so she led me down the slope. It was gnarly. The powder was so nice to board in though; it felt like you we're floating in the clouds or on marshmallows, it was so soft.

After 6 glorious days of snowboarding, relaxing, and enjoying the snow, we made the long drive home. It was such a memorable trip and we had the best time on the mountain.

I've posted a bunch of pictures so sit back and enjoy!
Getting ready for our 21 hour drive!
After an awesome and memorable drive through CA, NV, UT, ID, we made it to Montana!
Day 1 of snowboarding!
Our awesome instructor, Aaron teaching me the C turn from heel edge to toe edge
Like a pro ;)
Learning to snowboard with my awesome husband
Like a pro ;)
Isn't my hubby hot?!
My awesome cousins and my sexy hubby
Day 1 was a success!

Going for a training run in the snow (LA Marathon)

My running path complete with my new running buddies
Bambi was always in our front yard :)
View of our backyard and the lake from our room
Playing in the snow
It's a one-street kind of town :)
Snowball Blaster!!
Bambi again in our front yard
Love the colorful bindings.  Can you guess which ones I'm going to buy?
Grabbing a beer with my hubs, cousins, and Aunt at the local pub
Love my cousin!
Round 2 of snowboarding-this time Sean and I were going with my cousins who ARE talented boarders

It was snowing!
I love this man!!!
On the lift to the back bowl (advanced slope on the back side of the mountain)
Yea, my husband is a badass
Basically we were going down a cliff...it was awesome and all fresh powder!
Me with "Snow Ghosts"
The view was breathtakingly beautiful
Let the white-out begin
A much deserved beer/Irish coffee after a long day of awesome snowboarding!
We did it!  We learned how to snowboard and were pretty good!
Valentine's Day Dinner
Valentine's Day Dinner
Valentine's Day Dinner
We had the most memorable trip!  My hubs and I will most likely buy our own boards/binding/gear since we fell in love with the sport!  Thank you to my Aunt and cousins for everything!!  We love you guys!!

Bonus:  I got to check off numbers 14 and 22 off my 30 Before 30 list!  (#22 still counts...I said cross country drive and we did XC South to North and back again ;) )


  1. Wow this trip looked absolutely amazing! Gorgeous pictures! That snow, mmm powder! I can't believe how fast you picked up snowboarding; you're such a BAMF! I tried it twice and it was painfully difficult, so I've decided to stick to skiing :)