Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weddings + bday + triathlon training & more!

Gosh it has been a long time since I’ve blogged!  So many things have happened since my last post:

1.  One of my dearest friends in NY got married!

2.  My future Sis had her bachelorette weekend in Vegas!

3.  My husband is amazingly thoughtful and “kidnapped” me on my birthday!  He wanted to make it special since it was my 1st one without Mom, so he told me to take the day off of work because he had a day of adventure planned.  I woke up to a fuzzy pink tiara (I’ve worn a tiara on my birthday every year since I was 16, and of course when I was a kid, but yes, I do it now as an adult!), and two boxes from my favorite store (Nordstrom).  Inside one was the cutest pink and white silk romper, and in the other was a perfect pink purple and white silk dress!  I put on the romper, and he took me to Disneyland!!!  Despite having passes for years, I’ve never been to the happiest place on earth on my actual birthday.  We went early and rode every ride I wanted to, enjoyed corn dogs (Disneyland’s are the BEST!), and scoped out the new Cars Land over at CA Adventure.  THEN, he took me to see the movie Brave, which was so great!  Afterwards, we went home, cooked dinner together and sat on our patio all evening talking, laughing, and listening to music.  It was the best day ever!!  Then on Friday we celebrated with the rest of my family and went to an amazing dinner at Fuego on the water!  Thank you to everyone who made my 26th birthday so special!  And Mom, I know you were right there celebrating with us :)

4.  I started training for my 1st triathlon, and week one has been very successful!  The other day I was supposed to cycle 5 miles, but ended up going 20 miles (I was in the zone, what can I say :) ).  I’ve been cycling for most of my cardio, so this week I’m getting back into running and it’s been good!  Here is a recap of week 1 for my tri training:
Scheduled Training
What I Actually Did
Mon  7/2
Tues  7/3
Run 15 minutes
Ran 15 min + walked 1 hour
Wed  7/4
Bike 5 miles
Biked 20 miles + 1 hr yoga
Thurs  7/5
Swim 200 yards
Rest (came into office @ 7am then had class until 10pm)
Fri  7/6
Ran 15 minutes
Sat  7/7
Run 15 mintues
Sun  7/8
Bike 5 miles
Biked 16 miles + 1 hr yoga
For my birthday, my Dad gave me cycling shoes!  I tried them out on Wednesday and they are AMAZING!!  They totally take the pressure off the top of my foot where the strap would go over your sneakers.  I am so stoked to train with them!

5.  We celebrated the 4th of July with a BBQ and taking our Duffy boat out around the bay.  I’ve never seen the beaches so packed (people were squished like sardines)!

6.  Sean and I saw Cirque du Soleil’s “Iris”, a Journey through Cinema, with our best friends David and Lisa! The show was sensational!  It made me want to become a dancing acrobat contortionist!  Those guys and gals are talented!!

More great things to come!! :)


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