Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend of running, hiking, and hanging :)

This weekend was so wonderful!

Friday after work I met my cousin for dinner and drinks at an awesome local joint.  She makes me laugh so hard, I love hanging with her!

Saturday morning was so beautiful that I just had to run on the beach path.  It was one of those mornings where it was crystal clear and sunny with a bright blue sky.  I got a solid three miles in, and it was the kind of run where I felt so strong and 3 miles ticked by so quickly!  I probably could have run longer.

Saturday night my Dad, Uncle, and I went out to dinner for BBQ.  It's actually funny...we read there was a 1st Annual BBQ Cookout down at the Queen Mary, with all style BBQ: Texas, Kansas City, North Carolina, etc.  So we cruise down to the Queen Mary only to discover it's next weekend!  We were in a BBQ mood, so we ended up going to a local BBQ joint and sat on the patio.  Perfect Saturday evening.

Sunday morning was incredible!!!  My friend is a huge hiker, and she took me and my cousin up to Malibu to hike escondido falls!!  It was beautiful!!  It was a rugged course too, complete with climbing ropes, rock climbing, and getting down on our hands and feet!  It was rigorous and SO FUN!!!  We definitely went off trail (accidentally) a couple times!  Our hike/climb ended up being 6 miles.  I felt so energized and zen the rest of the day.  It was wonderful! 

This was a LOT more vertical than it looks!

Leaving the trail.  So beautiful with all the wild mustard flower!
This weekend was wonderful and exactly what I needed!  My hubby had to work most of this weekend but we did have a nice dinner date night followed by drinks and live music :)  
I love this man to the moon and back!! <3
Sunset :)  Heaven

This weekend was amazing!

How was your weekend?
Do you like to hike?  What's the best trail you've been on?


  1. GORGEOUS pictures! Wow that hike looks amazing.