Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MDW 2012

This Memorial Day Weekend was a bittersweet weekend.

My big brother came into town for the holiday weekend which was so awesome!  We spent the entire weekend with family, BBQ-ing, taking the Duffy boat out around the bay, working out together, and sharing a lot of memories of Mom.

Me and my brothers 
Me and my cousin, R
Me and my cousin, S
Me and my hubby
We had so much fun all together.

Unfortunately, this weekend also brought some sadness.  Two weeks ago, our sweet Bagheera was diagnosed with a rare kitty disease called FIP, which sadly is 100% fatal.  We tried everything humanly possible, including an experimental drug, and for the first week he was happy and acting completely normal.  Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worst, and on Saturday our baby Buggy passed away.  He was 9 months old.  We were with him and kept him comfortable and loved.  I know Mom is taking good care of him now (Mom called him Biggie Smalls haha).  I miss our Buggy so much and it sucks.  Rest in peace our sweet Bagheera, I love you so much.


  1. Poor Buggy :( I'm so so sorry, girl. You've had a hard year but you've always been in my mind. Thinking of you and sending you rocky mountain sized hugs!

  2. Thanks Efo <3 Hugs right back at you!