Monday, October 10, 2011

Surf City 1/2 Training Plan

I started training for Surf City ½ a couple weeks ago.  I opted for a longer training plan to really build my foundation.  This plan also has a significantly longer “long run” compared to other plans I’ve followed, with the longest run being 17 miles.  I know it seems a little crazy, but I think if I stick with this, I can train my body to run distances more efficiently, and when the 13.1 that is Surf City comes, I’ll be more than ready!

It’s quite simple.  I run Tuesdays and Thursdays for 45 minutes, and Saturdays are reserved for my long run.  My long runs are as follows:
Week 1:  5 miles (DONE)
Week 2:  6 miles (DONE)
Week 3:  4 miles (turned into 6 miles with my dad!)
Week 4:  7 miles
Week 5:  4 x 800s on the track
Week 6:  9 miles
Week 7:  6 x 800s
Week 8:  11 miles
Week 9:  8 x 800s
Week 10:  13 miles
Week 11:  10 x 800s
Week 12:  15 miles (I might sign up to run the Holiday ½ in Pomona, and tack on two miles before that…I’m still debating)
Week 13:  HONEYMOON!!!!
Week 14:  4 x 800s
Week 15:  17 miles (this might come down to 13 or 15…we’ll see)
Week 16:  14 x 800s
Week 17:  11 miles
Week 18:  8 miles
Week 19:  5 miles
Week 20:  SURF CITY ½ MARATHON!!  13.1 miles!

I’m really excited about this training plan, and very happy with it so far (I might be singing a different tune after some of those long runs!)!  On top of running 3x a week, I’m going to the gym Mon/Wed/Fri to get in my strength training.  Sunday is my rest day :) 

So, there you have it!  My training schedule for the next 20 weeks!
What races do you guys have coming up?  What kind of training plans do you follow?


  1. Hey girl! I'm scheduled to run 18 on the weekend you're scheduled to do 17 so if you want company let me know!! :)