Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bridal Showers Galore!

This past weekend my future in-laws threw me a Spooktacular bridal shower!  I love Halloween, and when I was asked if they could throw me a Halloween/Nightmare Before Christmas shower (I love that movie btw) with Halloween just a week away, I said why not!

I already had a fabulous pink and zebra bridal shower that my cousins threw me last month for my side of the family (his mom, grandma and aunt of course came to that though :) )
My wonderful cousin who threw me this shower, my Cali bridesmaids (2 are in NYC)
and my future Sis-in-law
My mommy and mom-in-law <3
 Pink cupcakes with "Sean" and my name tattooed on his bum!
 A taste of the decorations :)
My wonderful cousin who threw me this shower
Now onto my Spooktacular shower!  Just as it’s bad form for a bride’s mom to throw a shower (a relative, family friend, or bridesmaids take on this task), it’s bad form for the groom’s mom to throw the bride one too!  So my wonderful mom-in-law asked her dearest friend to throw me one, and it was fun!  H and her daughter A came over the night before to decorate.  Side note:  they asked if I wouldn’t mind having it at Sean’s and my new house since we finished redecorating and everyone wanted to see it…of course it was no problem for me!
Here is the spooky table:
We had delicious cupcakes and cake pops, and croissant sandwiches and spinach dip.  And we had Miss M’s famous long island iced tea that she so kindly made and brought with her!  Also, my fabulous MOH made delicious jello shots, and Sean’s family friend also brought jello shots!  Needless to say, there was no shortage of food and drink.
Prior to my shower, H asked both me and Sean for a few Halloween pictures of us as kids and young adults.  Here is what I came up with on my end:
Singin' in the Rain!
 Me as a princess
 The Green Fairy (I hand sewed this costume btw!)
 Jeannie (my fav TV show growing up!)
 Lions with my little bro (I'm on the right)

Snow White (I couldn't find my Sleeping Beauty or Belle pictures
from when I was little *sad face*)
 Peanut Butter and Jelly with Sean at the Warrior Dash (a crazy mud run) last Halloween
 Princess Lei (Sean's fav!)
 Queen of Hearts one year in college

 Me and Sean as cowboys
And one of my favs....ZOMBIES!!!!
We also played a “favorites” game where everyone got a favorite sticker on their back and had to ask others yes or no questions, “Is it the bride?” “Is it the groom?” “Is it a favorite color?”  “Is it blue?” and so forth.  Sean’s cousin actually won and she had all “Bride” stickers!  I was so impressed, even though I did help her out with a couple, but shhh  ;)

Then came the gifts.  I can’t not express in words the gratitude and love I felt.  I was overwhelmed with the generosity and love of Sean’s family.  I’ve been a part of his family for years now, but this still blew me away.
 Me and Grandma C
  My MOH Lisa, me, my future sis-in-law Kathleen
 Some of the girls
Me with my mom and soon-to-be mom-in-law :)
I can’t thank them enough for their love, kindness, and warm welcome into their family.  I am so loved and so blessed.  Thank you :)


  1. I love all of the photos! Both of your showers look so fun. And, I love the costumes, too. Your zombie makeup is amazing!

  2. Love the theme - so much fun.

    The costumes rock - you are so cute, girl!

  3. WOAH THOSE ARE SOME BAMF halloween costumes over the years. Especially the zombies, holy cow. Impressive! :) Congrats to you and Sean... your big day is ALMOST here!!!